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July 16, 2009

Arizona Is Bankrupt, financially and politically~

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The state of Arizona in Bankrupt , financially and politically,.. They allowed the previous governor to drive the state into bankruptcy by allowing her to govern thru left wing, socialist agenda, including open borders, funding illegal aliens thru schooling, and medical care, not to mention the criminal cost.  Even today under a so called Republican governor, the left wing policies of the governors office and in the legislature continue in these unconstitutional policies.  They simply refuse to do the right thing.  Senator Russell Pearce for years has been trying to stop the financial drain , the illegals cause the state of Arizona.  The following article demonstrates the lack of sane leadership that exist in Arizona.  I have no confidence in the outcomes of legislation in Arizona,.  The State of Arizona, appears to be following the path of the bush/obama administration.  I suspect, money, and back door promises are playing a role here,. Arizona Politics has always been corrupt, for as long as I can remember,. some 40 years.

So Senator Pearce, keep the faith, when the state collapses under the weight of debt, and political failings,. you will know that you tried.  And history will reflect your efforts.  You are hamstrung by an overwhelming number of Arizonians looking for taxpayer funded handouts. And socialist working to increase the number of voters with those agendas.  When the Federal government moves in and takes over the governance of the state, those that oppose you will be back on the street where they belong.  






Backlash over Barto’s ‘silent protest’ of
anti-sanctuary bill

By Linda Bentley | July 15, 2009

‘You have betrayed the state of Arizona and everybody will know it by the end of the day’
PHOENIX – NumbersUSA sent out a special message to its members in Arizona asking them to “Blast state reps. that helped derail anti-sanctuary bill.”

According to Van Esser, chief of membership services for NumbersUSA, before adjourning on July 1, the Arizona House defeated HB 2280 authored by Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, aimed at cracking down on illegal alien ‘sanctuary’ laws while aiding enforcement through expansion of the state’s trespassing law.Approved earlier in the day by the Senate, the House voted 26-15 in favor of the bill, five votes short of the 31 needed for passage.

Although Democrats were expected to oppose the bill, three Republicans – Reps. John McComish, Andrew Tobin and Russell Jones, joined them, while 19 members of the House refused to vote at all.

Six of the Republicans refusing to vote, Reps. Nancy Barto, Rich Crandall, Adam Driggs, Bill Konopnicki, Lucy Mason and Doug Queland, left the building so they would not have to go on record as being against HB 2280.

The original legislation, passed by the Senate a few days earlier as SB 1175, was derailed by Driggs’s refusal to hear it in his House committee.

Pearce then placed the bill’s language in HB 2280, which had already passed the House and required only a “concurrence” vote.

Esser noted certain Republicans have fought good enforcement legislation for years, “while at the same time denying their anti-enforcement nature.”

He said it was now time to hold those Republicans accountable.

Anna Gaines, a precinct committeeperson in Barto’s Legislative District 7, sent Barto an e-mail with the subject line: “Today you walked away from any future office!”

She called Barto a disappointment and said, “Your action of walking away today will make all of us work harder to elect those who will serve us, not their own self interest.”

Gaines said she would personally work to defeat any campaign Barto might undertake and stated, “Somewhere along the line you forgot you serve us … You have betrayed the state of Arizona and everyone will know by the end of the day.”

Gaines’ two-paragraph July 1 e-mail prompted a two-page response from Barto on July 7.
Barto thanked Gaines for her e-mail “in response to my missing a key immigration vote – outlawing sanctuary cities in the state – HB 2280. I did, and for good reason.

“What is it about Sen. Russell Pearce’s 2280 that caused so many of his own party to come down on the opposite side of this bill that it failed in a majority-controlled Legislature? (all emphasis in original) Are we open borders bleeding hearts?

“Quite the opposite. Since 2006 I and others who oppose this bill voted for key legislation aimed at stopping illegal immigration in the state including two bills prohibiting sanctuary cities … employer sanctions … ending public benefits, laws requiring proof of citizenship to operate a business … stopping illegal day laborer hiring, putting … the AZ Nat’l Guard on the border and others. So, accusations that I am ‘soft on illegal immigration’ are false on their face …”

Barto continued, “I oppose HB 2289 and would have voted ‘no’ had I chosen to be present … but my absence was a silent protest in it coming to the floor in the first place.

Secondly, my duty to protect citizens’ health care decisions, promoting the AZ Healthcare Freedom Act, conflicted with final votes as I had four national TV and radio interviews later that day … so I left the Capitol at about 5 a.m. to rest and prepare for a 7:30 a.m. FOX interview.”

Barto called HB 2280 “an example of poorly conceived public policy,” claiming it removed officer discretion while elevating enforcement of federal immigration law above other crimes.

She also repeated the pro-open borders mantra that crime victims and witnesses will not report crimes out of “fear of deportation.”

As indicated by the e-mails forwarded to Sonoran News, Barto was receiving quite the backlash over her walk-out and responded to everyone with the same e-mail, further raising the ire of recipients, including Gaines.

Gaines wrote back to reiterate, “You were elected to voice our concerns, not yours, which are painted by the brush of the pro-open borders religious and business community.”

When Gaines accused Barto of being influenced by her daughter’s affiliation with the Interfaith Council and its open-borders agenda, Barto wrote back to say her daughter works with inner-city kids for a Christian ministry and was not part of Interfaith and said, “I am appalled at this accusation.”

Barto claimed she has voted for immigration reform bills vehemently opposed by Interfaith.
Her record, however, indicates otherwise.

Back in 2006, The Arizona Conservative, a conservative internet blog, announced it had withdrawn its endorsement of Barto, citing, “State legislative seats are highly contested.

People donate a lot of time, money and support to elect candidates. The citizens of this state deserve legislators who will actually vote on bills. In this past legislative session, Barto merely voted ‘present’ on a number of bills. This is unacceptable.”

During the 2006 legislative session, Barto voted “present” on House Bill 2577 (illegal aliens; employment; verification) and failed to vote during the third reading.

Barto refused to vote on HB2580 (illegal aliens; serious felonies; bail).

Barto voted “present” on Feb. 6 on HB 2582 but then refused to vote on March 9, while finally voting “yea” a few days later.

She voted “present” on HB 2837, an anti-sanctuary bill, later voting against it.

Initially Barto voted “present” on another bill, dealing with illegal aliens and trespassing, but later voted against it.

In conclusion, The Arizona Conservative stated, “Arizona has a shameful history of legislators – gutless wonders – hiding in bathrooms, hiding under desks and refusing to cast votes. It will be a shame if Barto, or any other elected official, is selected to serve the voters and refuses to vote on bills again. We do not elect people to office to sit on their hands.”

Since then, voting “present” and not voting has become the hallmark of Barto’s legislative career as she considers a run for the Senate.

Photo by Linda Bentley





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  1. I think many Americans are naturally apprehensive of the sudden volume of activity, politicians supposedly enacting amendments to strengthen our immigration laws? But I suspect this is the lull before the storm, which they will throw into the bubbling cauldron of issues, like health care and cap and trade? Immigration reform is the toxic sediment rising to the surface of the pool. We cannot blame President Bush for the immigration debacle completely, nor Clinton as this complete and utter disregard for border enforcement, has been ignored long before any of these administrations. Illegal immigration really became finally a damaging problem to the United States after the CAFTA treaty. Small farmers in Mexico lost their livelihood, when the giant agricultural consortium’s moved in. The (CFR) Council of foreign relations is a signature to an agenda, no borders between the US, Mexico and Canada.

    Promoted by the globalists in the (EU) European Union whose planned agenda was the open border movement? Europe has suddenly woken up to the mass immigration which has become a scourge, which is just now being recorded with an adverse impact. The indigenous people have found themselves prioritized into a second class citizenship. In America this is becoming de-javu, as an Americans are hounded by debt collectors and bankruptcy, while illegal immigrants pay nothing for health care services. But then illegal immigrant families cannot be truly blamed for low income services, as they have been drawn across the borders, from other lands by exploiting employers who pay nothing for there settlement here. That remains the burden of the gullible American taxpayer.

    Washington has absolutely ignored the millions of foreign laborers and families, who have arrived, now they have no choice but to exact punishment on the US taxpayer by legalizing those who are here. If their immigration reform is just a small fine, learn English and submit to a FBI background check, this will truly unfair to those sincere immigrants who wait for working visas in their country of residence. This to me is AMNESTY–by any other name. This goes against the essence of the US Constitution and our Rule of Law. It seems like Sen. Schumer, Reid, Speaker Pelosi adhere to our laws, when it suits them? The Democratic leadership de-funded E-Verify a while back, but the angry ire of voters appalled by the weakening of immigration laws, fired back with countless phone calls. We can now do the same with AMNESTY. How many realize the damage to our economy, by giving citizenship to over 20 plus foreign nationals in retirement benefits. Those legalized can be to our nation all their family members, known as chain migration.

    Outside of complimentary legalization for all those people–mostly poorly educated, unskilled will be competition with US workers of the same status. It makes no any sense to process these people who pay little or no taxes, when we are looking at 11 percent jobless Americans. We can start deporting all these illegal families, the criminals by implementing permanent E-Verify. Not just for Federal Contractors but everybody as a mandatory law. Discrepancies will be dealt with at the Social Security offices. NO MATCH LETTERS–is a supplementary workplace law that shouldn’t be rescinded? Don’t be misinformed by the pro-illegal immigrant organizations. Call and demand a permanent, mandated E-Verify and NO MORE AMNESTIES! The1986 IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL DIDN’T WORK–NOR WILL THIS? It will take time, but enforced E-Verify with all its updates will remove illegal workers from the office, factory floor. Call your Senator or Congressman 202-224-3121

    ATTENTION! Because of the massive payments to illegal immigrant benefits in California, their is now a petition to halt this travesty. Google–TAXPAYER REVOLUTION. Very few newspapers will mention this activist petition. For all the facts about OVERPOPULATION: CAPSWEB, NUMBERSUSA, FAIR & AMERICAN PATROL


    Comment by Brittancus — July 16, 2009 @ 6:15 pm

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