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July 8, 2009

Finally Good News coming from California!!!!!!

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Ok folks, Ive been hollering for some good people to step up and run for office. Well today, we have something to get excited about. Ive been saying that California was toast,. Not so. A great American, I know because Ive been following this gals work  for over 4 years. She’s even had a few good things to say about my babble from time to time.  So, heres the deal, she’s gonna need help, I dont care where you are from, we have a chance to save California. Chelene is up for the fight. Go to her web site and send her what ever you can. Lets show the obama internet machine, what American Conservatives can do.   Do it today. 
Chelene Nightingale Announces Candidacy for Governor of California at “Operation Secure America Now!” event at the border!
Chelene Nightingale under campaign banner after announcing candidacy 
Tom Tancredo, Ignacio Ramos, Chelene Nightingale on Saturday July 4, 2009 at Camp Vigilance in California
Well known political activist and former director of the Save Our State organization in California, Chelene Nightingale, has announced her candidacy for the American Independent Party nomination for Governor of California in 2010.  Nightingale (shown above with Tom Tancredo and former Border Agent Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos) is a loyal supporter of the national Constitution Party.  She made her dramatic announcement at the 2009 “Operation Secure America Now” event at Camp Vigilance at the California border on July 4.  Nightingale has already established a first class campaign operation and is expected to make a major impact on the California statewide General Election race next year.  More details on the Nightingale for Governor campaign will be forthcoming in future editions of Constitution Party News and Information.  Meanwhile, you may find out more about Chelene’s campaign at her website:

States Rights

America’s Constitution’s 10th Amendment reads in full, “The powers not delegated to the United States (government) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

For far too long, our federal government has been trampling on states’ rights.  They tax away our citizens’ money then use it to bribe state officials to implement laws in areas where they have no right to meddle.  Such intrusions effect our

  • Traffic safety
  • Gun possession  
  • Education
  • Drug laws
  • Welfare
  • Property rights

    The Tenth Amendment was adopted after the Constitutional ratification process to emphasize the fact that the states remained individual and unique sovereignties; that they were empowered in areas that the Constitution did not delegate to the federal government.  With this in mind, any federal attempt to legislate beyond the Constitutional limits of Congress’ authority is a usurpation of state sovereignty – and unconstitutional.

     As your governor, I will join the fight with New Hampshire, Florida, Montana, Tennessee, and others to regain our vital states’ constitutional rights that have been slowly eroded over the years.  Each state must embrace its own destiny, and California is no exception.  We have our own problems with the horrible mess our own politicians have created without importing more unconstitutional problems from Washington.  No other California governor or candidate has ever addressed this issue.



Have you seen the NEW Constitution Party website design?  Check it out below:

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