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July 7, 2009

Hang on, more coming!!! And watch oil going forward

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This morning on Fox, Brian Sullivan had a guest, Walter Zimmerman, he reinforced what I and others have been saying. We have massive numbers of mortgage resets coming later this year thru mid 2010. Following with mortgage resets that were rewritten in 08 thru 09, resetting in 12. So we will be doing a do over, that will just as Ive said over the last two years, be kicking this problem down the road. Mr. Zimmernan says there will be no relief in the housing industry until 2012. My view is that until these surplus homes are destroyed, we will not see any relief. Because there are to many people in homes they cannot afford, and that problem is trying to fix itself, but government keeps moving the end of the game. There will be no stabilization of home prices until those people that are in homes they cannot afford are moved back into rentals and those surplus units again are destroyed. The economy is not going to improve until government gets out of the way. When Allen Greenspan was lowering rates, in the 90,s I was calling his office , screaming that he was going the wrong direction. I even called the leadership of the Senate Finance Committee and asked to testify. This problem has been brewing for decades. And then along comes Paulson,Bush and Bernanke making matters worse. If this foolish notion that cheap mortgage money would fix the housing industry why hasn’t it? The other problem is that the economy is over leveraged in housing. This country will not turn until the economy is leveraged in manufacturing, not housing starts, and that again wont happen until the unions and government get out of the road. Let me give a simple analogy here. If your gaining weight, you don’t add sugar to the feed bag. Cheap easy money is the sugar in our economy. Its killing us.

Watch Oil,, Americans have stopped driving,  the economy is threatening kitchen tables, the recent surge of gas prices , due to the speculators anticipating a surge in driving , failed.  Hearings are planned to deal with speculators,.  Investors should keep a sharp eye on ETF,  those are commodity stocks, ,you never take possession,… That issue will be dealt with in the Congress, but they will probably screw it up.

 Russian Newspaper ,  Grand Jury Indictments served on Barry Soetoroaka B. obama:

Only Dead Fish go with the Flow—- Sarah Palin 7-3-2009


click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!


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