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July 7, 2009

Hang on, more coming!!! And watch oil going forward

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This morning on Fox, Brian Sullivan had a guest, Walter Zimmerman, he reinforced what I and others have been saying. We have massive numbers of mortgage resets coming later this year thru mid 2010. Following with mortgage resets that were rewritten in 08 thru 09, resetting in 12. So we will be doing a do over, that will just as Ive said over the last two years, be kicking this problem down the road. Mr. Zimmernan says there will be no relief in the housing industry until 2012. My view is that until these surplus homes are destroyed, we will not see any relief. Because there are to many people in homes they cannot afford, and that problem is trying to fix itself, but government keeps moving the end of the game. There will be no stabilization of home prices until those people that are in homes they cannot afford are moved back into rentals and those surplus units again are destroyed. The economy is not going to improve until government gets out of the way. When Allen Greenspan was lowering rates, in the 90,s I was calling his office , screaming that he was going the wrong direction. I even called the leadership of the Senate Finance Committee and asked to testify. This problem has been brewing for decades. And then along comes Paulson,Bush and Bernanke making matters worse. If this foolish notion that cheap mortgage money would fix the housing industry why hasn’t it? The other problem is that the economy is over leveraged in housing. This country will not turn until the economy is leveraged in manufacturing, not housing starts, and that again wont happen until the unions and government get out of the road. Let me give a simple analogy here. If your gaining weight, you don’t add sugar to the feed bag. Cheap easy money is the sugar in our economy. Its killing us.

Watch Oil,, Americans have stopped driving,  the economy is threatening kitchen tables, the recent surge of gas prices , due to the speculators anticipating a surge in driving , failed.  Hearings are planned to deal with speculators,.  Investors should keep a sharp eye on ETF,  those are commodity stocks, ,you never take possession,… That issue will be dealt with in the Congress, but they will probably screw it up.

 Russian Newspaper ,  Grand Jury Indictments served on Barry Soetoroaka B. obama:

Only Dead Fish go with the Flow—- Sarah Palin 7-3-2009


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Obama’s Grandmother says he was born in Kenya,

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Here’s the question, if Obama, was born in Kenya , as his grand mother says, grandma’s don’t lie.  how did the FBI miss it.  This issue is only going to snowball.  Monday , the FBI came out and said they were not investigating Sarah Palin.  Why haven’t they came out and said that they vetted obama, and that they have seen the birth certificate?
Here is the problem.  Sotero is in Russia, signing agreements , representing the United States,. YOu can rest assured that Putin and the Russian President are aware of this issue,. And Im sure they have done their own investigating of obama’s true birthplace.  If thats true, they then know that any agreements that they sign have no merit.  This could cause serious problems down the road.  If those charged with the responsibility to assure Americans that their President is truly an American , are providing him with cover.  Our problems are just beginning.  Its mind boggling to realize how many people are working to destroy the country and our Constitution.  One thing is certain, the Congress will never address this issue publicly. So its going to be up to the private  sector.  The Democrats, Republicans and Independents , that care about this country will have to step up in 2010 and remove as many Congressmen and Women, and Senators as possible, and take back control of the House and Senate,. The trick will be finding enough solid Americans, like Sarah Palin to run.  My hope is that the Pentagon  will keep obama in check.   At some point when a president steps out side of the Constitution, the military must act.   Honduras!!!!!
43 State legislatures are now looking at ways to step away from Washington DC.  Standby, this is gonna get interesting.

Hospital won’t back Obama birth claim
Honolulu’s Kapi’olani Medical Center refuses to confirm White House letter

Posted: July 06, 2009
9:26 pm Eastern

The hospital in Hawaii where Barack Obama claims he was born refuses to produce any documentation – or even confirm the claim – without permission of the president himself.

The Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu has posted on its websitea letter on White House stationery dated Jan. 24 in which Obama wrote, “As a beneficiary of the excellence of Kapi’olani Medical Center – the place of my birth – I am pleased to add my voice to your chorus of supporters.”

Barack Obama states in this letter on White House stationery that he was born at the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu. The letter was posted by the medical center on its website.

Kristy Watanabe, the public relations specialist for the hospital refused to confirm or deny the veracity of Obama’s letter claiming he was born at the hospital.

“Our comment to everyone who has been calling is that federal law does not permit us to provide any more details concerning information [about Obama’s birth] without authorization from Mr. Obama,” Watanabe told WND.

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She said the hospital had not contacted Obama for authorization.

When WND asked Watanabe why the hospital did not contact Obama to ask for authorization, especially given the number of phone calls the hospital was receiving with the request, Watanabe said: “This is our response, and we can’t say anything more than that.”

Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii

WND asked if a hypothetical elected official pretended to be born at the hospital, would federal law prevent her from disclosing that? If so, which federal law would that be?

“It’s just our policy that without permission we don’t ever answer questions about babies born in the hospital,” she said.

This is not the first time Kapi’olani and other Hawaiian hospitals have slammed the door on WND’s attempts to ascertain specifics about Obama’s birth.

As reported last month, Kapi’olani declined to return any of at least four WND messages requesting comment, while Queen’s Medical Center said in a prepared statement, “Due to patient privacy laws we cannot respond to your inquiries.”

A private detective working in conjunction with WND’s investigations last year into Obama’s birthplace also visited the hospitals.

In a subsequent affidavit, he said the much-publicized online image of what the White Housesays is Obama’s birth certificate doesn’t prove any birth location.

“On October 31st, 2008, officials in Hawaii released a statement that they had examined the birth certificate, but failed to declare whether it was a Live Birth Certificate generated by a hospital with signatures of the attending physician or a ‘Late Birth’ Certificate of Hawaiian Birth that could have been obtained (for a child) who is one year old or older after birth by a simple affirmation of a family member,” wrote investigator Jorge L. Baro, of Elite Legal Services in Florida.

“Only the ‘Long Form’ original certificate will answer all questions about the date and location of birth and confirm that it occurred in Hawaii,” he said.

WND reported in the April issue of Whistleblower that Obama’s step-grandmother in an interview transcript obtained by WND in Africa has claimed she was present at Obama’s birth in Mombasa, Kenya.

WND is in possession of an affidavit submitted by Rev. Kweli Shuhubia, an Anabaptist minister in Kenya, who is the official Swahili translator for the annual Anabaptist Conference in Kenya, and a second affidavit signed by Bishop Ron McRae, the presiding elder of the Anabaptists’ Continental Presbytery of Africa.

In his affidavit, Shuhubia asserts “it is common knowledge throughout the Christian and Muslim communities in Kenya that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., was born in Mombasa, Kenya.”

Shuhubia further states in his affidavit that he visited Obama’s grandmother at her home in the village of Alego-Kogello, on Oct. 16, 2008, in order to conduct a telephone conference interview that would connect with McRae in the United States.

During the telephone interview, McRae specifically asked Sarah Obama two times, “Were you present when your grandson was born in Kenya.”

“Both times she specifically replied, ‘Yes,'” Shuhubia affirmed in the affidavit.

“Ms. Sarah Hussein Obama was very adamant that her grandson, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, was born in Kenya, and that she was present and witnessed his birth in Kenya, not the United States,” Shuhubia continued in the affidavit.

“During the conversation, Ms. Sarah Hussein Obama never changed her reply that she was indeed present when Senator Barack Obama was born in Kenya,” Shuhubia insisted in the affidavit.

The affidavit documents that President Obama’s step-grandmother was asked the questions several times, both in her native language, Swahili, and in English, and that the Anabaptists conducting the interview were confident she understood clearly the questions that were asked.

“Ms. Sarah Hussein Obama never changed her reply that she was indeed present when Senator Barack Obama was born in Kenya,” McRae swore in his affidavit

McRae affirmed that Obama’s step-grandmother had been asked the question several times and a discussion over the conference call with those present with her in her home in Kogello made clear that she understood the question.

WND also reportedthe office of Hawaii Republican Gov. Linda Lingle has officially declined a request made in writing by WND in Hawaii to obtain a copy of Obama’s hospital-generated long-form original birth certificate.

“It does not appear that Dr. Corsi is within any of these categories of persons with a direct and tangible interest in the birth certificate he seeks,” wrote Roz Makuala, manager of constituent services in the governor’s office, in a e-mailin response to WND’s request for information Oct. 24.

Those listed as entitled to obtain a copy of an original birth certificate included the person born, or “registrant” according to the legal description from the governor’s office, the spouse or parent of the registrant, a descendant of the registrant, a person having a common ancestor with the registrant, a legal guardian of the registrant or a person or agency acting on behalf of the registrant.


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