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July 3, 2009

Way to go Sarah, good for you, best of luck.

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Sarah , wow, whata gal, family first, what will the socialist wings of the Democrats and Republicans do now,.  The socialist media, is just going nuts right now, they are losing their target, who they gonna pick on now,. 
Is she done, for her sake and her family, I wouldnt blame her if she just told the process, to shove it. 
What will CNN and MSNBC do now, this idiot Sanchez on CNN is almost in tears.  I really hope she does this , I hope she just flat tells the country to stick it up their backside. The way America treated this good and decent woman and her family was a disgrace on our country,… Im disappointed Sarah, but good for you.  The majority of politicians are scalawags, this woman is a class act.  Im proud of you Sarah and what you did for your state but most of all our country. 
If you decide to run in 12, we will support you with everything we can.
I hope David Letterman, is proud of him self,… Between him and the rest of the tabloid and left wing media, tried to ruin Sarahs daughters life.  Hopefully these left wing fools, havn’t cost American and Alaska one of the Great Americans of the Times.
Bottom line she got the last laugh.  I have a feeling , shes gonna make a laughing stock out of a lot of people.
 What they did to Sarah Palin is a prime example as to why good people will not step up and run for office.  Especially folks with family.
I suspect the only candidate that could run for office and get the blessing of the media, would be a half white, half black, person born in a foreign land, with ties to gays and lesbians, and Islamic Muslims, and dictators, a smooth talking reader, a community organizer,.
So, to the DNC that sent operatives to Alaska to cost Alaskans millions of dollars , trying to undermine a great American.  Hi hope that Democrats all over America , tell your folks that call for donations, to go to hell. 
One thing is for certain, The Left cant deal with honesty.
What the left is realy afraid of is a Palin Justice Department. Can you imagine the investigation that would crank up towards AKORN , I can see the National Guard down on the border, with ammo,.. I can see illegal aliens fighting for a spot on the road headed back toward Mexico. I can see American Entrepreneurs cranking up and creating jobs, having faith that government will not put the rug out from under them. I can see oil rigs, rising everyday,.
Lets keep our fingers crossed, Palin for President 2012
Sarah we love you. The country needs you.

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