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July 2, 2009

Removing the R and the D ,End Predictiability!!

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Its with out question that over the last 6 years of the bush administration . That the Republican brand has been totally destroyed. Run away spending, invading a country that did not invade America,failing to secure our ports and borders, supporting drug dealers while, locking up 3 of our finest. One of which is still in prison. Entering into an agreement with Mexico, “which is still to be explained” allowing drugs and trucks to flow back and forth.  Sending our National guard to the border , to change the oil in border patrol trucks. A Senator , that drafts a bill to provide amnesty to 40 million illegal aliens, and is still working on the same bill with obama.  A president that tells a reporter, “Stop throwing that up to me its just a god dam piece of paper”.  A Prescription drug program that will bankrupt the country.  So who in their right mind would want to attach a “R” to their name.
Being loyal to a party over country and the constitution is treason. Plain and simple.
As for the Democrats, who started out in life as Conservatives. Have been steadily working over my life time to destroy their brand. My granddad was a Democrat, and I can assure you he was a Conservative. The Democrats have been buying  votes for as long as I can remember,. Working everyday to encourage a entitlment mentality. They know that if you provide someone with benifits, you have their loyality at the polling place till the day they die.
However all of this debt is rapidly reaching a pinnicle and is about to send America into a tail spin.
Housing forclosures are up , mortgage resets are just weeks away from ramping up again. Unemployement numbers are justs weeks away from double didgits. The truth though is that the real numbers are somewhere between 15-20 percent.  This morning Fox revealed some shocking numbers,. Riverside California , 25.2 percent of working age people are not working, that is 600 thousand people not working. in Birmingham Alabama 24.4% or 164 thousand working age people , not working. Detroit 24.2% or 658 thousand working age people not working. 
476 additional jobless claims in June,..  Question? how many of those are union jobs, that voted for obama?  I want to know!!!!!!! 14.7 million unemployed.  The phony economy , driven by the Democrats in Congress and Allen Greenspan caused all this , with cheap mortgage money.   
So , all of this debt that the bush and obama administration has give the American people, in the form of a “Stimulus” .  Is Not Working,and never will. 
Here is my question, how many American jobs are being taken by illegal aliens, and the money they are being paid, how much of that is being sent back to Mexico or beyond,.. The numbers are in the billions.  Over 15 billion per year.  
To add insult to injury , obama , sets up a phony Town Hall meeting on health care, and it turns out that as we have seen before , it was all scripted. This fella in the white house has never had an original thought. He is simply an empty suit.  But finally the press corp is raising hell with the administration.  I never thought I would give Ms Thomas kuddos but she gave Robert Gibbs the what for yesterday.  Its possible that the romance between Barry and the press may be coming down to the short rows.
In any case the Democratic party has destroyed its brand just like the Republicans have. 
So what do we do about it.
Well over the past 6 years I have been writing , putting it out there that there is only one way to turn all this around. And it would seem based on my emails. That people are starting to listen. Even Glenn Beck in his book “Common Sense” mentioned dropping the R and the D. But he left out the most crucial step , to get their attention. 
America , you must deregister. You must remove your names from the voter registration records.  Its not good enough that you switch to Independent. Because polling data , of Independents has been predictable for years. 
If we are going to get these bubble heads to pay attention to our Tea parties , we must take the predictability of our votes away from these candidates right up until two days before an election. They will never listen to us, as long as they know our  party affilation. They will alway tune their retoric to what they think we want to hear. (Like obama saying no taxes for people making less than $250,000.00)  Next we must find candidates that are not tied to the two party system.  That can not be bought. Candidates that do not have the D or R backing. They may have Democrats or Republicans tags on their toes but they must begrass root, conservatives.
I have tested this theory on the web site, and I am convinced that we can find true Conservatives thru this process.
I tested it again last night.  Yesterday I went to a meeting that was touted as being a meeting to form a , White Mountain Conservative Republican Club.  About 20 people showed up. After the intro was over they were discussing how to grow the club, how to get people engaged. That’s when I opened my big mouth. Here is what I told them.
You must understand that the generation that you are trying to attract,. Has no faith in the two parties. Until you are willing to drop the D and the R,.. You will not attract the 20 ,30,and 40 year olds to your camp. The two Brands D&R have been destroyed.
What you need to do is change the name. When you run your next ad, run.  White Mountain Conservatives. If you do that you will have standing room only,.  The fact is even liberals will come to hear your message. And then you have a chance to convert. But then you had better have a message , You had better understand yourselves, Conservative values.   I suggested that you all start by reading Glenns book ” Common Sense”. 
I ticked off a couple of loyalist, but by the time the meeting was over, they had decided to change the name of club to
The White Mountain Conservatives.  
watch this video: especially health care and social security!!!!!!
Keep an Eye on North Korea!!!!!!

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!
If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.FEDUPREPVET


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  1. I agree, we must vote for the person and not the party.


    Comment by Sandy Olsen — July 2, 2009 @ 3:59 pm

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