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July 1, 2009

National Health Care Comment by an Expert

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Last week I wrote a great friend, back in the midwest , that is in the Health Insurance Industry,. And asked her to comment on health care.  She is on the ground, everyday dealing with issues of Health Insurance with certain governmental agencies. Here is her brief comment.
I think National improvements would be nice, streamline paperwork.  After that he(obama) and I part ways. 
 They should stop Government and state mandates that add to cost. In states, someone wants to adopt a kid so they mandate it into benefit plans… etc.  More of that they do, the more the plans cost.  Long time ago health insurance worked like Fire insurance.  Now it has turned into an entitlement with everything possible thrown in.  His plan would crash over time.  But first it would put more folks on government payroll.  Rationing would be a given.  Not politically correct to say: our health-care is in each persons hands.  You get the health-care or legal that you can pay for.   
 I remember when I worked for Blues (15 years ago) we got a call from a doctor who said: he had a patient on  medicare who had a hospital bill of 235,000.  That was not the news.  The patient asked to get his teeth fixed.  Doctor said he could send in a dentist but medicare would not cover the 300.00 bill.  Patient said no way, he would not pay for the dental work.  Doctor went down and got the man a copy of his hospital bill…  again $235,000..  brought it back up to show him what his care cost..  man’s answer..  i don’t care, government is paying for it not me..       Entitlement will kill this country.
 Government needs to say out of it.  medicare is broke.  Price tag to do what they want is unbelievable. 
 Wellness and prevention should be in system.  Right now laws (ADA, HIPAA) keep companies from putting in serious wellness programs.  With all the legal and paperwork, return of investment is not high enough.  Kennedy and All for one one for all will not work.  I wish the guys who make the decisions would actually have a job other than being a senator.  🙂    They keep trying to shut Coburn up but he keeps at them.  Hell, why should they listen to him, he is only a doctor….they are all knowing politicians.  🙂 
 I  truely wish everyone would come to the table and talk.  Not add more layers of government.
Now , we have two bills that must be killed , Cap and Trade, and National Health Care,  The Federal Government needs to do what it is constitutionally charged to do.  And get the hell out of our daily lives, our health care, and our light fixtures.
I have 3 left of Glens Book “Common Sense” to give away? You have to read this book, wait till you read about the coal fired power plant that powers the White House and the U.S. Gov. in DC.

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