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July 1, 2009

Glenn Becks ” Common Sense”. My thoughts

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First coming out of the chute, I have to say,Glenns, “Common Sense” is a great book. In many ways it is like rereading my babble over the past 5 years.
Glenn correctly points out the problems we face here in America,  he mentioned one possible solution that I have issue with. Not that I believe he’s wrong, just that it will never happen. 
Term Limits.
In 2006 I worked for a strong conservative for the Governors office in Arizona,. We have become good friends as the result. This past weekend he and his wife were on my deck having tea, discussing and cussing the situation we find ourselves in not just in Arizona but the country as well.
After he lost the election and it was obvious as to the reason. I did a lot of thinking about how one could shake things up politically around the country.  I mentioned one idea this weekend, knowing that it wouldn’t be well received because, my friend is a true Conservative with a R.  Here are a couple ideas that I thru out there.
First: I suggested that we launch a national campaign to deregister millions of voters. Its well known that 40% of Americans are Conservative, either with D or a R behind their name.  If we could get half of them to deregister , remove their names totally from the voter registration records, imagine how that would shake up both the RNC and the DNC.  Do not register as an Independent, which is what I did after we lost in 06. Better yet, remove yourself from the rolls.  What that does is it totally removes the predictability of 20 million voters from the pollsters and the campaign numbers crunchers approaching an election. It will keep the candidates on there toes, during the campaign. Now we all know that they lie, so look for the least likely candidate to win. If his message is conservative, put him in office. The fella with the millions of campaign dollars, he has to be DOA.  Two days before the election you register as a independent, put him in office and you have just started the political revolution that is desperately needed.  
Im driving this idea for all levels of government, local, county, state and especially federal. We must get involved, everyone.
Second, and frankly the best way I see, the country having any chance of survival, “Read Glenns Book”. He has the bully pulpit, so lets use it.  The best way we can survive is if states, remove their ties with Washington DC. Totally and Completely. They step up and declare their Sovereignty and at the same time state that the citizens of their respective states, are sovereign to that state.  Just do it.  Operate under the same notion that bush and obama have,. Just do it.
We simply must cut the apron strings and let big obamamomma go.  We need a Constitutional Convention, getter done.
Third, and I hope that it dont come to this, will be an armed revolution. If first two dont work, this will happen, and it will be in the next decade. Even if its only with pitchforks.  This will make term limits permanent.
When you read Glenns book and comprehend the debt that he describes. You can only come to one conclusion.  We will never be able to satisfy the debt that these dopes in Washington have developed.  There is a reason, that the District of Columbia is separate from the states.  And that reason must be exercised now, yesterday, before they take the 49 states with them, I left California out, because they are already to far gone. 
I told my right honorable friend, that we need to find a strong conservative democrat to run against mcckennedy in 2010.  He asked me where we might find one. Did I know of one? I grinned and he said “NO Way”.  Its either you or me, I said.  And then he asked me if I had 5 million dollars. Because thats what it would take to run against mcckennedy and the RNC.   I do not agree,!!!!
So the bottom line here folks is this. I dont have 5 million dollars,. Which leaves us only one solution here in Arizona to get rid of mcckennedy.  We either sever our ties with the District of Columbia, or decide that we are going to vote for someone with out 5 million dollars, or go to war . Because America will not survive another 4 years if we dont make drastic changes in the District of Columbia. 
Your personal debt, now , today is over $300,000.00 dollars . Thats right, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars. You personally, if you are married your debt is at $600,000.00
So when China says pay up, and you cant pay, what will be their next step.  
Im only half way thru Glenns book so stand by.  And by the way, I still have 5 books to give away. If you want one let me know and I will send you one free. But there is a catch, you have to promise to share the info , have a group over, arrange a tea party and read, excerpts, have a family dinner and read it to them out loud. This is that important,… We have got to get a handle on Washington or ?  
One more point:  The media is in a current state of BS, they are trying to pump you up and make you think, things are improving.  Well heres the facts, the next set of lousy mortgages is coming and fast, Resets are hitting now and are going to get worse over the next 15 months.  Save your cash, stock up , I mean seriously stock up.  They are already talking about another stimulus, why, because they know what is coming,.  The next stimulus just like the last two , will do nothing, for the economy or jobs. Its going to get really ugly.  obama just bribed NBC to the tune of 1plus trillion dollars, to support his agenda on nbc,msnbc and cnbc.  Dont take the bait.

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!


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