The Arizona Sentinel

July 1, 2009

Arizona Legislature has their head in a bucket!!!

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Arizona: Proposed Sales-Tax Hike Could Hurt Already-Strapped Residents
State deficit estimate for fiscal 2010: $3 billion
Percent of general fund budget: 28.2%
State and local tax burden: 8.5%; Rank: 41
The recession has thumped Arizona harder than most other states, says Lee McPheters, research professor of economics at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey business school.This McPheters fella has missed the one major finacial failure of Arizona, Ilegal aliens. But thats not surprising since this school favors open borders. And teaches Globalization and the idea of the North American Union it disgusts me that some of my tax dollars go to this American failure.  The housing slump is partially to blame: During the boom, construction accounted for at least a quarter of new jobs created. Since home prices have fallen 43% from their peak, the construction industry has lost tens of thousands of jobs, says McPheters. Arizona’s unemployment rate in April was 7.7%, shy of the 8.9% national average.
If Gov. Janice Brewer gets her way, residents will pay for the state’s problems by shelling out an extra 1% at the cash register. The proposed sales-tax hike, which would bring the rate to 6.6%, was omitted from the budget the legislature passed this month, but the governor may veto the budget until it’s put back in. (She could also place it on a November special election ballot.
Ok, heres the deal folks, they built this crazy budget, during a phony economy. Now they think they are in a box. There is an old saying here” they are so stupid they couldn’t finance their way out of a paper sack”.   Well it applies here. Plus, Arizona has sat back and allowed tens of thousands of illegal aliens to come in and suck the life out of the Arizona economy, schools, that issue alone just drives me up the wall., Emergency room, and county health care units, and then there is the criminal element of drugs,rapes,home invasions, kidnapping, and incarceration,.. Its not rocket science,.
Ive been blabbering for months that states have to sever their ties with DC, But Im not sure thats the way to go. Obama is gradually if he continues to make the state legislatures irrelevant.  Maybe thats what we need,
Every agency of state government needs a 40% cut in funding, including these schools  that are teaching, dick loves bob is good.
You have a governor thats never made a payroll, has no idea what it takes to run a business let alone a state.
Well, go ahead, raise taxes, see what it gets you. You are only compounding the problem. You are setting your self up for a California crash.

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