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July 1, 2009

The United Nations Threat Against Parental Rights

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 You have got to read this , and Thanks Bridget for send it to me. 

The United Nations’ Threat Against Parental Rights

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

On February 16, 1995, Secretary of State Madeline Albright informed the world of a total disregard for the traditional American relationship between parent and child inherent throughout the Clinton administration, by signing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC).  With the stroke of a pen, Albright pushed the United States towards ratification of this treaty; which would make the UNCRC, as stated in Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, the law of the land.


The provision in Article VI of the Constitution regards the ratification of a treaty as legal and binding and as an irrefutable component of the “highest law of the land.”  This legal status granted to a U.N. treaty would supersede state statutes and would strengthen the present tendency of the Supreme Court to decide cases based on international law and not the Constitution.  Never more clearly have the stark differences between conservatives and radical leftists been demonstrated than within this single, subversive act by Albright.


Whereas the conservative believes strongly in securing the liberty of an individual against the abuse of power by government, the leftist races towards the actual destruction of freedom in order to usher in a coercive form of government.  Never in the Founders’ wildest thinking did they perceive that one day these United States would be fighting against the ratification of a treaty that would annihilate parental rights, as well as national sovereignty in deference to  mandates authored by powerful, foreign entities whose ultimate goal is a world government.


Among true conservatives, not the fake ones that show up on the government media Sunday morning talk show circuit, the U.N. is known to be stridently anti-American and a vigorous proponent of the state monitoring every aspect of our lives from education and the economy to national defense and national sovereignty.  In other words, we don’t trust the U.N. and we will fight hard against the ratification of an oppressive U.N. treaty from becoming the law of the land.


Let me be clear from the outset, that the UNCRC is not a harmless, altruistic document championing the rights of underprivileged children.  This treaty would radically alter not only the relationship between parent and child, but also between free men and women and the federal government.  A specious outcome would award the courts the power to enforce the draconian provisions of this treaty; and Congress would be empowered to pass legislation in order to comply with the treaty.  Consider again, the amount of abusive power this treaty would unleash.  Some council over in Geneva could issue additional mandates that would not only be legal and binding, but would override our freedom as secured by the Constitution.


Included in the language of the treaty is what is known as the “best interest of the child principle” which in everyday life would grant the government the ability to legally invalidate any decision made by a parent for a child if a government worker disagrees with this decision.  Such an overreaching legal mandate has serious consequences in regards to freedom of religion, homeschooling and choice of curriculum, to name a select few.  The U.N. has defined ‘freedom of expression’ on behalf of children which would open a floodgate of opportunities for state intervention in American homes.  Imagine the tyrants that would be appointed to a school board!  It is doubtful that positions such as these would remain subject to election by the voters

Having grown up in a home where a solid work ethic, personal responsibility and patriotism were exemplified by my hard-working father, the U.N.’s legal mandate that enforces a child’s right to leisure would not have gone over too well; especially if there happened to be some ‘lake effect’ snowfall in the Chicago area. The anti-parent bias that already exists in our federal courts would have ‘open season’ should this treaty ever be ratified.


It should come as no surprise that the pedophile organization, NAMBLA is among the loudest voices urging ‘children’s rights’.   These deviants understand all too well that the surest way to gain access to their victims is to free children from all legal restraints.  This diabolical treaty would expose the innocent to harm from these sexual predators.  In the words of Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition; “In rather innocuous language, this U.N. document turns the United Nations into a global parent, wipes out parental rights, and gives children nearly unlimited freedom to determine their own destinies without parental interference.”  Rev. Sheldon goes onto to describe the treaty as usurping “parental authority, while not really protecting children.”  Among the grievous consequences forced on Americans if this abomination is passed is the chilling reality that the rights of parents to direct the moral and spiritual development of their children would be closely monitored by the state.


It goes without saying that in consideration of the fact that the man who currently occupies the White House fancies himself more as a ‘citizen of the world’ and less as an actual American citizen, the fight against ratification of this treaty has never been more crucial.  Fortunately, is already fighting on our behalf.  “ exists to protect children by empowering parents through the passage of the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and by defeating U.S. ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.”


On May 14, 2009 S.J. Res.16, the Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary; and is sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC).  It is imperative that now we all begin to take necessary action in the hard work that precedes amending the Constitution.  Due to the well-documented, anti-parent bias that pervades our court system, amending the Constitution is our best, steadfast defense against this oppressive treaty.  It is now our responsibility to call and write our U.S. Senators and urge them to support the Parental Rights Amendment.  To learn more about this effort, please visit   Let’s band together and undo the damage set in motion by Madeline Albright.

National Health Care Comment by an Expert

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Last week I wrote a great friend, back in the midwest , that is in the Health Insurance Industry,. And asked her to comment on health care.  She is on the ground, everyday dealing with issues of Health Insurance with certain governmental agencies. Here is her brief comment.
I think National improvements would be nice, streamline paperwork.  After that he(obama) and I part ways. 
 They should stop Government and state mandates that add to cost. In states, someone wants to adopt a kid so they mandate it into benefit plans… etc.  More of that they do, the more the plans cost.  Long time ago health insurance worked like Fire insurance.  Now it has turned into an entitlement with everything possible thrown in.  His plan would crash over time.  But first it would put more folks on government payroll.  Rationing would be a given.  Not politically correct to say: our health-care is in each persons hands.  You get the health-care or legal that you can pay for.   
 I remember when I worked for Blues (15 years ago) we got a call from a doctor who said: he had a patient on  medicare who had a hospital bill of 235,000.  That was not the news.  The patient asked to get his teeth fixed.  Doctor said he could send in a dentist but medicare would not cover the 300.00 bill.  Patient said no way, he would not pay for the dental work.  Doctor went down and got the man a copy of his hospital bill…  again $235,000..  brought it back up to show him what his care cost..  man’s answer..  i don’t care, government is paying for it not me..       Entitlement will kill this country.
 Government needs to say out of it.  medicare is broke.  Price tag to do what they want is unbelievable. 
 Wellness and prevention should be in system.  Right now laws (ADA, HIPAA) keep companies from putting in serious wellness programs.  With all the legal and paperwork, return of investment is not high enough.  Kennedy and All for one one for all will not work.  I wish the guys who make the decisions would actually have a job other than being a senator.  🙂    They keep trying to shut Coburn up but he keeps at them.  Hell, why should they listen to him, he is only a doctor….they are all knowing politicians.  🙂 
 I  truely wish everyone would come to the table and talk.  Not add more layers of government.
Now , we have two bills that must be killed , Cap and Trade, and National Health Care,  The Federal Government needs to do what it is constitutionally charged to do.  And get the hell out of our daily lives, our health care, and our light fixtures.
I have 3 left of Glens Book “Common Sense” to give away? You have to read this book, wait till you read about the coal fired power plant that powers the White House and the U.S. Gov. in DC.

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Arizona Legislature has their head in a bucket!!!

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Arizona: Proposed Sales-Tax Hike Could Hurt Already-Strapped Residents
State deficit estimate for fiscal 2010: $3 billion
Percent of general fund budget: 28.2%
State and local tax burden: 8.5%; Rank: 41
The recession has thumped Arizona harder than most other states, says Lee McPheters, research professor of economics at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey business school.This McPheters fella has missed the one major finacial failure of Arizona, Ilegal aliens. But thats not surprising since this school favors open borders. And teaches Globalization and the idea of the North American Union it disgusts me that some of my tax dollars go to this American failure.  The housing slump is partially to blame: During the boom, construction accounted for at least a quarter of new jobs created. Since home prices have fallen 43% from their peak, the construction industry has lost tens of thousands of jobs, says McPheters. Arizona’s unemployment rate in April was 7.7%, shy of the 8.9% national average.
If Gov. Janice Brewer gets her way, residents will pay for the state’s problems by shelling out an extra 1% at the cash register. The proposed sales-tax hike, which would bring the rate to 6.6%, was omitted from the budget the legislature passed this month, but the governor may veto the budget until it’s put back in. (She could also place it on a November special election ballot.
Ok, heres the deal folks, they built this crazy budget, during a phony economy. Now they think they are in a box. There is an old saying here” they are so stupid they couldn’t finance their way out of a paper sack”.   Well it applies here. Plus, Arizona has sat back and allowed tens of thousands of illegal aliens to come in and suck the life out of the Arizona economy, schools, that issue alone just drives me up the wall., Emergency room, and county health care units, and then there is the criminal element of drugs,rapes,home invasions, kidnapping, and incarceration,.. Its not rocket science,.
Ive been blabbering for months that states have to sever their ties with DC, But Im not sure thats the way to go. Obama is gradually if he continues to make the state legislatures irrelevant.  Maybe thats what we need,
Every agency of state government needs a 40% cut in funding, including these schools  that are teaching, dick loves bob is good.
You have a governor thats never made a payroll, has no idea what it takes to run a business let alone a state.
Well, go ahead, raise taxes, see what it gets you. You are only compounding the problem. You are setting your self up for a California crash.

Glenn Becks ” Common Sense”. My thoughts

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First coming out of the chute, I have to say,Glenns, “Common Sense” is a great book. In many ways it is like rereading my babble over the past 5 years.
Glenn correctly points out the problems we face here in America,  he mentioned one possible solution that I have issue with. Not that I believe he’s wrong, just that it will never happen. 
Term Limits.
In 2006 I worked for a strong conservative for the Governors office in Arizona,. We have become good friends as the result. This past weekend he and his wife were on my deck having tea, discussing and cussing the situation we find ourselves in not just in Arizona but the country as well.
After he lost the election and it was obvious as to the reason. I did a lot of thinking about how one could shake things up politically around the country.  I mentioned one idea this weekend, knowing that it wouldn’t be well received because, my friend is a true Conservative with a R.  Here are a couple ideas that I thru out there.
First: I suggested that we launch a national campaign to deregister millions of voters. Its well known that 40% of Americans are Conservative, either with D or a R behind their name.  If we could get half of them to deregister , remove their names totally from the voter registration records, imagine how that would shake up both the RNC and the DNC.  Do not register as an Independent, which is what I did after we lost in 06. Better yet, remove yourself from the rolls.  What that does is it totally removes the predictability of 20 million voters from the pollsters and the campaign numbers crunchers approaching an election. It will keep the candidates on there toes, during the campaign. Now we all know that they lie, so look for the least likely candidate to win. If his message is conservative, put him in office. The fella with the millions of campaign dollars, he has to be DOA.  Two days before the election you register as a independent, put him in office and you have just started the political revolution that is desperately needed.  
Im driving this idea for all levels of government, local, county, state and especially federal. We must get involved, everyone.
Second, and frankly the best way I see, the country having any chance of survival, “Read Glenns Book”. He has the bully pulpit, so lets use it.  The best way we can survive is if states, remove their ties with Washington DC. Totally and Completely. They step up and declare their Sovereignty and at the same time state that the citizens of their respective states, are sovereign to that state.  Just do it.  Operate under the same notion that bush and obama have,. Just do it.
We simply must cut the apron strings and let big obamamomma go.  We need a Constitutional Convention, getter done.
Third, and I hope that it dont come to this, will be an armed revolution. If first two dont work, this will happen, and it will be in the next decade. Even if its only with pitchforks.  This will make term limits permanent.
When you read Glenns book and comprehend the debt that he describes. You can only come to one conclusion.  We will never be able to satisfy the debt that these dopes in Washington have developed.  There is a reason, that the District of Columbia is separate from the states.  And that reason must be exercised now, yesterday, before they take the 49 states with them, I left California out, because they are already to far gone. 
I told my right honorable friend, that we need to find a strong conservative democrat to run against mcckennedy in 2010.  He asked me where we might find one. Did I know of one? I grinned and he said “NO Way”.  Its either you or me, I said.  And then he asked me if I had 5 million dollars. Because thats what it would take to run against mcckennedy and the RNC.   I do not agree,!!!!
So the bottom line here folks is this. I dont have 5 million dollars,. Which leaves us only one solution here in Arizona to get rid of mcckennedy.  We either sever our ties with the District of Columbia, or decide that we are going to vote for someone with out 5 million dollars, or go to war . Because America will not survive another 4 years if we dont make drastic changes in the District of Columbia. 
Your personal debt, now , today is over $300,000.00 dollars . Thats right, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars. You personally, if you are married your debt is at $600,000.00
So when China says pay up, and you cant pay, what will be their next step.  
Im only half way thru Glenns book so stand by.  And by the way, I still have 5 books to give away. If you want one let me know and I will send you one free. But there is a catch, you have to promise to share the info , have a group over, arrange a tea party and read, excerpts, have a family dinner and read it to them out loud. This is that important,… We have got to get a handle on Washington or ?  
One more point:  The media is in a current state of BS, they are trying to pump you up and make you think, things are improving.  Well heres the facts, the next set of lousy mortgages is coming and fast, Resets are hitting now and are going to get worse over the next 15 months.  Save your cash, stock up , I mean seriously stock up.  They are already talking about another stimulus, why, because they know what is coming,.  The next stimulus just like the last two , will do nothing, for the economy or jobs. Its going to get really ugly.  obama just bribed NBC to the tune of 1plus trillion dollars, to support his agenda on nbc,msnbc and cnbc.  Dont take the bait.

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