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June 30, 2009

Obama,Justice,Court,House,Senate, have been served,..

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Ok folks heres the story the media and even Glen Beck is staying away from. Glen needs to stop crying and step up.   Americans will find a way to force the court to do its job.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Supreme Court forces the justice department, a obama appointee, to remove obama for election fraud.
What I would determine as “Operation Discharge”, is well underway.
Read the following. Keep up on the updates.
Watch this video on the obama cap and trade fraud.
From: Constitutional Emergency
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 8:05 AM
Subject: On Constitutional Emergency: Grand Jury Presentments
A message to all members of Constitutional Emergency

Here is the whole day!

Today (6/29/2009) promises to be eventful as Patriot’s Heart Network’s Chalice heads to Washington, DC to meet with Mack Ellis and Carl Swensson. Carl and Mack will be delivering Super Grand Jury Presentments today and tomorrow on various people who are complicit in helping Obama stay in office. The White House advisors, Eric Holder, the DC Attorney General, the Offices of Pelosi and Reid, the Offices of the Supreme Court, and certain other powerful and undisclosed recipients are on the list.

Go to for updates throughout the day.

We are expecting breaking news today so stay tuned and help us spread the word. If you use twitter, please use #PHN #AGJ

text via phone from Chalice: posted in central time by my phone.

Carl Swensson and Mack Ellis served presentments to President Barack Obama, at the White House for FRAUD and TREASON.

11:49am She has video. (woooo hoooo documents being accepted)
11:57am Presentments in the hands of SS
12;06pm 2 Secret Service, names John and Jessica, received presentments

They were denied entrance to the Dept of Justice

1:06 FBI has been served and they are on the way to District Court

1:13 John Van Horn, from Secret Service, has called the adult children of Dr. Robin who is there with them delivering presentments (waiting for answer to why)

3:05 pm They at US District Court. They were served.

3:29 We served Dept of Justice. They will get back to us. We have a judge who will review it.

3:32 We are on the House serving 4 Congressmen.
Secret Service also called Carl’s wife

5:44pm Presentments delivered to Senate Minority Leader McConnell, TX Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn, Ron Paul, and Michelle Bachmann

They are on way back to hotel and will start again Tuesday. If I hear more details later about today, then I will post them here.

Visit Constitutional Emergency at:

To control which emails you receive on Constitutional Emergency, go to:

Stay tuned folks , this is a long way from being over.
 We will not let this country be highjacked by a bunch
 of communist.

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