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June 29, 2009

When people get fed up with their government==

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What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander
Condemning Coups and Later Approving
By Dave Bertrand

Ousted Hondurian President was arrested by his own military, in the early hours Sunday, still in his pajamas….President Zelaya was flown to Costa Rica where he denounced the coup as illegal, wearing borrowed clothes, he is now in exile, but vows to return soon. 
Zelaya was quickly replaced by a congressional leader, announcing to an enthusiastic crowd, the move was a “legal process.” No violence reported, however…it appears that Hondurans approve of this coup, since Honduras was facing strong dictatorship by Zelaya, similar to Venezuela’s crack-down by Chavez. Hillary Clinton, on behalf of Barack Obama, strongly condemns the coup, staying in-step with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.
It would not be surprising if “Counter-military coup planning” of a Whitehouse is (likely) a top priority discussion these days, while the world is watching Iranian dissent to overthrow the Iranian government and the latest events in Central America.
By Mrs. Clinton denouncing the coup in Honduras, in favor of a dictatorship regime, (backed by Hugo Chavez), has enormous revealing conclusions by such a quick announcement. To do otherwise, sends a message around the world that “the people” must act in-order to preserve their liberties, if and when all other legal methods fail. The U.S. Constitution requires action by the people, if and when the government becomes tyrannical.
“The ousted President was forced from the Presidential palace by armed soldiers early Sunday morning and flown to Costa Rica after he tried to carry out a non-binding referendum to extend his term in office. Micheletti says Zelaya was not ousted through a coup but by a legal process. But speaking at a press conference in Costa Rica Zelaya called it a kidnapping and vowed to return to his country as President. He explained that a small group of elites and military officers were behind the coup.”
The Honduran coup by the military was done peacefully, and we’ll see if the Obama administration continues to denounce this development, and if the military coup in Pakistan by Army General Musharraf  (October 12th, 1999) will (now) be viewed by the administration as un-acceptable, since the Bush administration first denounced the Pakistan coup, but later approved it. Today, the Obama administration continues to appease Pakistan.

Honduras Update

Reuters is reporting that during the coup, the Cuban ambassador was taken away by the troops and that the Venezuelan ambassador was beaten and left by the side of the road. In response, President Chavez of Venezuela has put his armed forces on alert. The same Reuters story has the leaders of the ALBA countries on their way to Nicaragua to discuss what action to take after the coup.
Chavez and Cuba will do their best to lead the rest of the Central American nations that are part of ALBA to foment unrest in Honduras. They may even consider mounting an insurgency from Nicaragua a was done in the early 1980s.


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