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June 29, 2009

Obama’s pik gets slapped down, now its our turn on the 4th.

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Yesterday the Supreme Court in a 5/4 vote. Slapped down the flawed opinion given by obama’s pik for the Supreme court. Sotomayor, failed in short to follow the constitution in her opinion on the fire fighter situation in New Haven Conn .  Sotomayor is a member of La Raza,and in fact is a racist. She should not only be ruled out as a Supreme Court Candidate, she should be removed from the Appeals Court,. Of course it will never happen. But all this goes to why who ever sits in the White House is so important. 
About Cap and Trade,,,,, the vote was a sham,. The house had the votes in the bag no matter what happened. A deal had been made with house Dems and Rep to assure that the bill would pass.  The Speaker, protected those Representatives that were up for election in 2010.  So forget the tally numbers,.
Now its our turn to do some slapping down.!!!!!!
 We have to replace all of them in 2010.  Regardless of how they voted, they all have to go. When your Congressional Representative is riding in their Convertible,this weekend,  when you wave at them , give them a water balloon.  Hold up signs that tell them they are gone in 2010.  And then give them your backside.  Be sure and get pictures so they can be put on the web.  Lets take advantage of this 4th of July , what used to be called Independance Day.
We have an opportunity here, lets take advantage of it.

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!
If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.FEDUPREPVET

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