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June 25, 2009

Mark Sanford and the 4th of July

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How the Gov Mark Sanford situation relates to the 4th of July.
Its really quite simple.  Here is how I see it.  Having watched Gov Sanford for several years.  Listening to his strong conservative values, fiscal management policies, position on border enforcement and, national security.  Given the recent, betrayal by the South Carolina Supreme Court decision, forcing him to take the phony obama monopoly money.  Given the recent actions by his legislature to override 10 of his most recent veto’s.  Given the direction that this obama fella, is taking our country. Given the failure of the Republican party to keep obama and the socialist democrats in check. Given the fact that the majority wing Republican party is only the other wing of the same stupid gooney bird. Given the fact that a government populus, makes up, thanks to AKORN the majority of voter that want successful people to pay for their, latte’s.
So in my view, Mark Sanford, has taken the position, what the hell. Im tired of the fight, Im wasting my life, beating myself up everyday trying to keep Georgia and by example, the country on tract.  So he decided, you know what, why not just give it up. Let the media, do what ever its gonna do, All I can say Governor, is that I feel your pain.  There is not a day that goes by that I dont say to my self, why sit down here in front of this monitor, and try to make as many as I can aware of what is going on, and what is coming. 
In fact, we have been looking for somewhere to move to since the beginning of the second bush term. And we realized that bush was a traitor to national security, and fiscal security.  Now we have this, liar in the White House.  A fraud,fake,phony,userper. And yet America seems to want to roll over and play dead.  The media is totally in the tank for obama, So whats the use. 
I was thinking this morning, coming back from my swim, I have more confidence in Vladimir Putin  than I have in obama, And the new President of the Ukraine, has been doing a super job. They say the area around the north side of the Black Sea is beautiful.
I heard Rush, this morning talk about a fella he met in Hawaii this weekend that was looking all over the world for a place to move. Reason, OBAMA. ” Have him call me Rush, I have some suggestions.””
Now back to Sanford and how his situation relates to the 4th of July. I believe , Gov Sanford,has decided that his state,nation,have just gone up in smoke.   Up until 4.5 years ago, I was eager to take off from Arizona, and drive back to my home town in Kansas, for our 4th of July celebration. However bush, put a damper on my spirit of National Independence.  I could see where bush was taking us. And this clown, with a smooth tongue, has shifted our demise in to high gear.  I got to thinking about how this year just like the last 5 have not had the same meaning, as they used to. 
So this year, while your sitting there watching, the fire works. Let this bit of thought, go thru your head.
When you hear the fire cracker go off with a boom, think about the wars, that were fought for our freedom.
As the missile goes thru the air, think about the time that it took to get to this point.
As you see the explosion and lights going everywhere, think about all the freedoms, that America used to stand for.
But after all those freedom lights go out what are we left with, Smoke.  That right, bush/and now obama have set out on a mission to send all our freedoms up in SMOKE.
Until every state in the Union, steps up and says to the District of Columbia, “We are ought of here” . America will continue down this destructive path.  Vermont and Texas, are ready. Do you have the guts to step up in your state and start a movement, to rid the scourge of washington. I can assure you that France,Germany,Italy,and Spain, are regreting the day that there,funky leaders gave up their individual sovereignty for a joke called the European Union. 
As for this health care, joke that obama , is pushing, read my, Obama saves Social security of June 22nd.  Yesterday he the same as said you old folks can just take a advil.  I knew that was in the back of this suckers head, and he blurted it out yesterday, so Im told,,. I didnt watch it, I was busy fighting CAP and Trade. 
Ok , one more item to cover here: The other day I challenged all of you to order a dozen of Glen Becks new book, “Common Sense.”  Well, mine will be here on Monday.  I am going to send one of them to the first eleven readers to ask for one. But there is a catch, You must agree to share them, with family, friends, and if possible, organize a “Common Sense” meeting in your community.
IM convinced we can shut down obama, we killed the mccain/kennedy, amnesty treason bill. So we can do this again. Eventually we will be free of washington. Iran reminds us of how tough it is to regain your freedoms, once you have given them up for so called security.  Lets fix this before it comes to that.  Can you imagine how the current situation in Iran would be different, if they had never given up their arms!!!!!!!  Its going to get ugly, unless we all ban together and tell these idiots in washington that
“We are Mad as Hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore”

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!
If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.FEDUPREPVET

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