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June 22, 2009

Obama solves the Social Security, Medicare Bankruptcy

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The media is keeping quite about this , but the truth is Obama is about to solve the bankruptcy problems facing Social Security and Medicare. Keep in mind both programs, factually are ponzi schemes. Now Obama comes along and thru a National Health Care policy, or Single Payer Health Program, has inadvertently solved the Social Security and Medicare problems.  REALLY!!
Think about it,.  He is going to take 400 billion from the Medicare(old people health care) program.  While adding 600  plus billion to the National health Care program (young people).  Fact is the 400 billion was borrowed monopoly money, So he is just going to borrow more monopoly money, or raise taxes to come up with the 600 Billion to 1.6 Trillion dollars.
What is the effect of all this on the lives of Americans? Some estimates are that there are 55 million Americans either retired or getting close. Its is also well known that the average American will spend close to $250,000.00 in medicare costs in the last six months of their lives. So who is going to decide that you are in the last six months of your life? “Obama“.  Under his plan, you wont have a chance to spend a quarter of million medicare dollars, because you will die earlier, of a preexisting illness. Because you had to wait your turn for treatment.    Well lets look at Americans over the age of 55. Many Americans 55 and older have or are nearing retirement age.  At 64 you now have to sign up for Medicare Note: Im gonna try not to do that!!!!.  So lets narrow this down to dollars and cents.  After 55 if you have retired, you are no longer producing revenue for the social security system, And once you reach 62 , you can start drawing on the system. In other words you are a drain on the system.  “(Im included)” .  So by going to a single payer health care system, (Rationing) for those of you out side of the beltway,. There will be drugs, procedures, therapy’s, etc etc. that you will either wait for or will simply be to old to qualify for the treatment. If you think getting old sucks now just wait til ObamaCare steps in.
We have all heard the horror stories over the past 2 months about people in Canada, and Britain that have either died, or had to come to the U.S. to get treatment to save their lives. 
So , by rationing, or forbidding treatments to the 55 and older Americans,  millions of those folks will have their social security and Medicare accounts terminated by death. “Its Elementary Watson”  The left wing extremist have had a mind set for decades that people were living to long, sucking up the air needed for the younger class, notice I did not say the younger working class. Most of these left wing extremist either dont work or they have government jobs. Anyone want to make a bet on whether or not government workers will be on the single payer, national, rational health care program.
Another point here that needs to be made is this,.. How is it that Britain and Canada, can afford National Health Care, and America can not. Well consider this,… We , that is Americans are providing military security for the rest of the world,. Stupid but thats the case.  Britain and Canada, vertually have no military, that even comes close to ours,.. We frankly subsidize Britain and Canada’s national secruity.  So they spend what they would normally be spending on defense on National Health Care.  And the results are deplorable.
Here’s an example I heard about today.  ” A woman goes into a hospital in Britain for a femine procedure,.  By the time the procedure is over, she has contracted clymidia, due to the lack of sanitation of the medical tools used on her.  Is that what we want here in America,.. At least here if they cut off the wrong leg its clean.
Heres a thought,  . Lets bring all our troops home from around the world, close all 154 bases. Use that money to pay down the debt. For I dont know say 20 years , and then maybe look at a National health care system.  No , I dont like that either, I do not want a federal bureaucrat telling me when I can have my bypass Ill probably need one by then. Assuming I survive the camps.
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece titled, “Obama says let the old folks eat cake, “” Well That is exactly what a National health care program will do, You will be able to have your cake and eat it to.”  But you won’t like the cake.
One more point here: we have been hearing the rhetoric from the media that Obama is taking us to a socialist country. I agree, Obama is looking more like a marxist everyday in his actions, But, here’s the facts, we have been a socialist country since the socalled New Deal, and Johnson’s Great Society,  But more to the point, just look at MILK,  the government stuck its nose in the dairy industry back in the 50’s , I know I grew up putting milkers on Holsteins. Even today if the government did not subsidize milk you couldn’t afford it, or at least you wouldn’t buy it.  Where does that subsidy go, Its goes directly into the pockets of the middlemen and lobbiest. Less than half of what you pay for a gallon of milk actually goes to the farmer, When I and my brother went into the service in the 60’s my dad had to sell the cows. Best thing he ever did. Basically he told the government to shove it.
Many of you probably saw, comedian Paul Rodrigiuz on Hannity last week, Talking about the government shutting off the water to their farms. To supposedly save a dam fish. And now their beating the drum for a killer whale, 60 miles out at sea, as a reason.
I wrote Paul and made some suggestions, which I wont go into here. And told him that an email would put me at his side when the time comes.
This taking of water, for America’s farms by the federal or state government is treason.  These affected farmers must stand up, just as the Iranians are doing. We are months, maybe weeks away from the beginning of civil war. Remember the old westerns , where Gene, Roy, Hoppy,Tex,John,Cisco, would have to go to war with some federal corrupt agent, that was in cahoots with some rich European Rancher that was trying to tie up all the water , to force farmers and ranchers to sell out.  Well Im betting there is something similar going on with the farmers in California and their right to water.
Remember what your seeing, watching the Iranian situation.  Remember when the time comes, you will know your enemy by who pays their paychecks.  Just as in Iran, loyalty can be gained by salary, benefits, and pensions.  Instead of watching these stupid reality shows like Jon and Kate, plus eight, Good Greif America wake up.
Now about this Korean ship, the republican talking heads are all about boarding this ship,especailly John Mckennedy. Here’s a thought, instead of yaking about others boarding that Korean ship, why don’t McCain,Graham, go board that vessel themselves. Be the hero you claim to be.  The USS John McCain an U.S. destroyer is tailgating the Korean vessel, Look folks, clinton and gore, gave the missle guidence systems to China, where the hell do you think the Koreans got it. Now that they supposedly have the warhead, and the delivery system. Isnt it a bit odd that we are concerned.  Where were the American people when this technology was being bartered away?  You were asleep thats where. Where was the NSA, FBI, CIA when all that was happening,… Our country has been so screwed up for so long, any thinking patriot knows , its going to get ugly before , we put this nation back on track.
This is the test that Biden was warning America about before the election and since.  North Korea , is up at bat,  we have played soft ball with them for so long and now they are ready to play hard ball. We have played tit for tat with them for so many decades that they have become a master at the game.  Well, now America, the game has become serious.  And people that we elected, and are paying the pensions for did this , caused this , and what do we do , we keep electing the same old party, crooks.  Its time to move outside the party box.
Sarah Palin 4 Prez in 12.  If they’re up in 10 send them to the den.
And Sarah, I want your husband to head up the department of Interior. 

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