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June 19, 2009

Kuddos to Obama, He is getting it right!!!

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The Arizona Sentinel
I was going to take a week off from this babble of mine,. But the news just wont let me.   I want to give this fella in the White House a pat on the back,.. Thats right, Im going were I never thought Id go but here I am. 
First there is this election in Iran. Point one, Obama is minding his own business, good for him, unusual for America. Normally we would have picked a side, in this case we would have bad mouthed the validity of the election and Armadinajhad. And sent people in to help stir up the turmoil.  He, Armadinajhad, is already spouting off about us interfering. If Armadinajhad determines that we are indeed in there stirring up trouble. Armadinajhad will start killing hundreds of Iranian protesters, fighting for a fair and valid vote and more freedoms. Maybe Americans should pay attention to the Iranians.  These protesters are nothing less than freedom fighters, Lets continue to mind our own business and not give cause and effect to a mass killing in IRAN.  Heres the question. Where the hell is Jimmy Carter??? Maybe he couldnt get Hammas to be his body guard.!!!!!
Obama, your right on this one, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!
If the Iranians want freedom , let them earn it.  Like we did!!!!And will probably have to do again, sooner than later.
Point two: Now lets look and North Korea. North Korea has a ship at sea that has the U.S. Navy all in a tether.  Again. North Korea is throwing out bait to see if Obama will bite. Obama should mind his own business. Let the North Korean ships do what ever their going to do. If they threaten China, South Korea, or Japan, let them deal with it. The United State is not the SEA COP.  Having said that he should put the Military Alert Status to DEFCON3. Enough said. Now we know that the ship is headed for Singapore, Where ever this ship ports, let them deal with it. If North Korea threatens the United States in anyway, destroy the ship and put an ICBM in the lap of Kim Jong-Il . And be done with it.  Then tell the Chinese, have a nice day.
Health Care:  DOA  , If Obama wants to cut the cost of health care , get government out of the way,.
Today Geitner testified to the Senate Banking committee, explaining the administrations overhaul plans. Its interesting, the agency that helped cause this failure of the economy is the agency that is being charged to fix it.  But like Geitner said today,. Who else is out there to do it. Ron Paul has the answer to that. Return to the gold standard.  Terminate the FED.
Do you remember that dart game using magnetic arrows. That is how obama is playing the game of governing.  He is throwing issues at the dart board watching to see which one will stick.
Now, im going to help write a response, for obama’s next press conference.  By now we have all seen video of his super speedy death slap of a fly. And now we hear that he has ticked off a sub group of PETA. PETI,  I is for Insects.
” Thankyou , Thankyou , please, have a seat. Before I get in to the issues of Iran and North Korea , I want to express my sincere apologies to all friends of fly’s and especially to PETI.  I want to assure you that in the future , should I be bothered by a fly or flies. We have taken steps to see to it that nothing like this will ever happen again. I have just appointed Robert Gibbs as the FLY CZAR. It seems appropriate since Gibbs is constantly beside my side. From now on , all flies will be captured and detained, then they will be pleasingly interrogated , we will find out where they came from .  We will then, give them food and water, they will not be waterboarded,or videoed. They will be returned to their homes and family. Any flys discovered in the White House, Robert will be called immediately to deal with it or them appropriately.”
Im assuimg that all these four letter groups are college grads.
“Now, what was it I was going to discuss,? oh ya Iran”.
Hey all work no play , well you know.

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!
If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.


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