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June 14, 2009

Obama says, you old folks can eat cake!!!, Iran , Economy

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If Government got any dumber, it would be amazing. And here is how I got there, The obama administration and these liberal democrats and liberal republicans want to give,,,, (GIVE) all Americans health care, If we want to give everybody health care, the first thing that needs to be done is to eliminate the government, federal,state,and county from the health care system. That includes terminating federal,state,and county insurance programs for government employees. Including all elected and non elected personnel. I have never read anywhere in the Constitution that guarantees ones health from cradle to grave. Let them payfor insurance like I do out of pocket.  Out of take home income, not subsidized by taxpayers or a employer.   That in its self would drive down premium rates and the overall cost of individual health care.  If your a breeder and have no insurance you better call your family. 

Now having said all that. Here is what we should do. First, Any insurance company in any state, would be required to sell health insurance in all states, and to anyone that has the ability to pay. If they don”t have the ability to pay, ” Its sucks to be them”. But, private funded health care would be pennies compared to what we have today. Prescriptions drugs would be at Canadian and Mexico prices. DUH! Its Elementary Watson Before this is over, thats where we will be. For example: the aboma administration plans to cut 400 billion dollars from medicare and medicade. What that means is that Americans that are 64 and older , well see health care reduced due to the 400 billion dollars of cuts. So how will those folks make up the difference under the current plans,. Well Insurance, which is what most are already doing. My plan says that, that insurance will take the place of medicare and medicade, and this idiotic prescription drug program that bush, and the republicans shoved down our throat.Which has sent out debt tumbling in to the abys.  Now , again, 400 billion being taking away from seniors, 600 billion sent over to Nationalized Health care,. this is a little crass but stay with me here, Let the old folks, eat cake, because they are nothing but a drain on the economy,. “Im thinking for Obama here” . Put the money into the tax producers, or the younger folks with the 600 billion dollars. You know the folks that voted for Obama. College students, illegal aliens, liberal socialist.  Hopefully they will get a job, and start paying taxes.  In other words AKORN voter fraud nests.

Bottom line, get the government totally out of health care, and prices will drop dramatically. People will take more responsibility for their own health, If you want to smoke and drink, eat twinkies,have sex with who ever or what ever, knock your self out , but my tax dollars dont need to be paying for your screwedup behavior. Its called “tough love””.

One thing to remember here for all you that worship obama.. Remember he promised during the campaign that everyone should have the health care that he , the congress has,.. Millions bought the rhetoric, get down on your knees folks cause it aint gonna happen.

Now about the election in Iran, Its obvious that millions of the Iranian people dont trust the election. There are riots and burning in the streets. There can be no doubt that Armadinejhad stole the election. And the folks know it, Just as we here in America, know that Obama’s vote tally was pumped up with the use of voter fraud at the hands of AKORN and voter intimidation. Hopefully state AG’s will continue their investigations of AKORN. And send those incharge to jail.

However, going forward, given the current trends in America. And the demographics in the voter population. I can see in a few short years, riots, burning, etc. in the streets of America. Primarily due to the failures of Immigration and Naturalization Service, FBI, CIA, and this new phony agency called Department of Homeland Security, this agency must be abolished. And Nappy should be sent to Somalia as a CZAR of Mosquito nets. 

Finally the recent tunnels found in Nogales,Arizona. First the size and condition of these tunnels, demonstrate the continued incompetence of this department of homeland security. Tunnels are not new. It further proves that Chertoff and now Napolitano,the former disgraced and run out of office Gonzales, not to mention the open border bush. Had no desire to totally secure the border. Now with the recent video of Bin Ladens buddy, talking about the suitcase with 4 pounds of anthrax. Makes you wonder, is the suitcase already here? If it isn’t, why would this rag head mention it. And alert law enforcement. Our nations economy is being destroyed by a government that is reactive rather than proactive… SEAL THE DAM BORDER.

Pay attention to what China is doing regarding our treasuries, They have moved out of long positions to short positions, As that continues, interest rates will rise,… When home mortgages return to 6.5 -8-5% the economy will begin its long road back. Housing speculators will leave the scene. Credit default swaps in mortgages will dry up ,… Im not a Obama fan by any means, But these folks in Wall Street that raped the system, with bonuses and golden parachutes, like paulson and others have brought this on them selves, No one wants government involved in business. But once you form a corporation and get your federal Id number, the federal government is your keeper. I learned that lesson the hard way in the early 80’s ,.

check this out:   Ive been thinking about this myself::: – 112k

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