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June 14, 2009

A Letter to SoetoroAKAObama , Wake up Parents

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President Obama,


This morning I ran across an article on the Washington Times which stated that prior to your addressing the graduating midshipmen of the U.S. Naval Academy, they were told to leave their ceremonial swords and umbrellas at home, or in their vehicles, as they may be considered a weapon by screeners.


I had heard that your predecessor, George W. Bush had made the service members remove the firing pins from their weapons prior to attending ceremonies in which he was present.

On top of that, while I was stationed at Kwang Ju Air Base Korea, all U.S. military members were locked inside their shops while President George Bush Sr. made a stop there.

What is it about our Commanders in Chief that they have such disdain and disrespect for the troops they command?

In your book you spoke of audacity. Yet you have the audacity to send these young men and women half way across the globe to fight, and possibly die, in a war they did not start, nor want. Yet you care so little for their military traditions that you deny them the right to come out in full military dress uniforms.

I wonder, sir, what goes through these young men and women’s minds as you address them, knowing that you have so little regard for military tradition?

You, and your predecessors have done much to undermine my confidence in my government, but this takes the cake.

Even Saddam Hussein, who, according to my government, was a ruthless dictator, allowed his military to fire fully loaded AK-47’s into the air in his presence.

What is it about our military that you despise, or possibly fear, that you would refuse them the honor of graduating in full military dress?

I await a dignified answer.

USAF Veteran

Neal H. Ross

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