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June 11, 2009

Is Obama sending signals to left wing extremist?=VonBrunn

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Since the events that took place in DC at the Holocaust Museum. I keep hearing that this Von Brunn character was a right wing extremist. Nothing could be further from the truth.  This 88 year old , and the Muslim sick twisted freak that killed the recruiter in Little Rock Arkansas are left wing extremists.  And Im going to say what the talking heads know but are afraid to say.  Obama, and his actions and statements abroad, have a direct link to the action that happened yesterday and those that happened in Little Rock. And here is how I got there. 
Some of you will remember the programed speech that obama gave to AiPaC in Washington sometime late last year.  I watched and listened to that speech with care.  Watching his mannerisms during that speech and speeches since. Plus his going to the Middle East and kissing the ass’s of muslims, confirming what they already knew , that he would deny his so called Christian faith , telling them and the world that America was not a Christian Nation.  ” Well Bubba, That was when you, put the rope around your own neck.”.
But back to the shooting yesterday.  This Von Brunn fella,did I mention he was a democrat!!!! , recognizing obama’s, hatred for Jews and Christians,. Saw a green light, an approval in as much directly from obama. Much like the killing in Little Rock , there can be no doubt that this Muslim kid, saw a green light, from the administration to punish, this recruiter for the actions of George Bush and  in his sick twisted mind, the Military.
The problem obama has is he speaks with forked tongue, He is ate up with double speak,  He will tell you one line of policy and in the same speech give you a line totally in contradiction of an earlier statement.  “He is a Lawyer”.  
Now to further prove my point that these two, sick twisted freaks, are left wing extremist. By that way I got that from Glen Beck, thanks Glen.  Anyway, lets look at obama himself, Can anyone deny that he is a leftist. A Socialist, or even a marxist.
Consider this clown on late night tv, letterman, . he is a well known leftist.  If CBS , hadnt picked him up , he would back out in California, doing stand up in , gay bars. (Its a joke, david, is it funny?)
By the way here is the link to CBS, you can use to attempt to get this bottom feeder fired. 
The most simplest example of a left wing extremist is david letterman, Why?  Because look at the attack he has made of a Governor of the State of Alaska.  A woman that on her own with no political ties ,favortism,no support from the RNC , has worked her way to the top post in the second largest state in America. And I think we can all agree, that Sarah Palin is a Conservative.  That fact alone is driving the liberals in the Democratic and the Republican party up the wall.  They are beside themselves because this woman has not allowed her self to be corrupted by the likes of the RNC ie: John Mccain,Colin Powell and Co.
One more point  on obama’s influence in these terrorist attacts inside our borders.  You and your justice department, dropped voter intimidation charges against the new black panther party.  When you did that, you sent major signals to every, group, individuals, haters of America and what she stands for. The longer you stay in office and more you open your racists mouth, the more, Lone Rangers with nothing to lose will act. It is obvious that you have a chip on your shoulder.  Im convinced that America, even members of the Democrat party are gonna knock it off.
You fella, have degraded every, American action of generosity and humanitarian aid ever granted.
Americans have spilled tons of blood , to aid and protect muslims. Yet your words, give no credit, only apology for our existence.
You sir are a disgrace, to my country, and the lives of those that have died for freedom in my country and countries around the world.
Every policy that you have stuck your nose in since your election, has failed. You have bankrupted the country, You have made an attempt to destroy private enterprise, and the desire and freedom to succeed.  You were lying today in Wisconsin. Even leaders of foreign countries are dropping your policies.
Your party is waking up. The legal American citizens, even those that voted for change ( Bull _ _ _ _) .  Are seeing you for what you are.
To all you Conservatives out there stand tall. Your day is just around the corner.  I have been in sales all my life,. I can spot a phony in 15 minutes.  obama is a phony.
And this business of giving Miranda rights to captured enemy troops is insane,.. Once again you are sending a sanctuary signals to our enemies.  You are going to get more and more Americans killed here and abroad.  By the time your done, Americans will be refering to you as a “Sick Twisted Freak” . Now that the mainstream media is refering to you as “GOD” .  I pray that my God will rain down on you and those that worship you, with a fury, unlike ever known in the history of Man Kind.  Remember , how God opened the sea and allowed the Christians to reach the other side.  The Conservative Christians have almost reached the other side. While you and your followers are just entering the other side. Its not to late to turn back,.. You might consider, turning around. American foreign and domestic policy will drown you. Your attempt to put Americans in bondage will not suceed.
And just to clear up any confusion,  I am neither a Repubican or a Democrat. Im a Conservative American. A Husband,a Father ,a Grandfather,and a Veteran. I will fight you everyway I can, legally to prevent you from destroying my Country. Just like I fought the idiot George Bush.
Sarah Palin for President 2012

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