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June 10, 2009

The American Dream Becoming a ObamaNightmare!!!

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Well , Im gonna do something I rarely do. Admit that I was wrong. I was blown out of the water yesterday when the Obama Supreme Court, set aside 150 plus years of contract law. I cant imagine the thousands of lives that just saw years of work, saving, and investing in a former American Icon, go up in smoke.
Some questions regarding the obama take over of our courts, and private enterprise come to mind.
First, How many more home foreclosures are going to happen because of the conspiracy between obama,ratner,gilderfinger,gietner,paulson,bush,reid,pelosi and on and on. Im bettin that there will be thousands of additional foreclosures, due to the job loses, of non union auto related jobs, union auto related jobs, retirees union and non union auto related . The teamster truckers that load and haul autos all over the country , will lose their jobs, due to the lack of inventory being manufactured here in the United States. The  truckers that will be hauling units made in China, and Mexico will come from Mexico.  And there are the thousands of dealership staff jobs, sales, office, detail, and other ladder jobs. They are gone, so their American Dream is over.
Second,  the Supreme courts decision yesterday will add over time 2-3 percent in additional unemployment?  obamanation will see these unemployment numbers hit 20 % .
Now lets look at what obama is doing in Washington to the people in Washington.  He is appointing all of these CZARS. now 20-21.  Those CZARS report only to Chairman Obama.  What has that done? , It has eliminated the need for the legislative branch.  Thats right , we no longer need Senators and their staff,. We no longer need Congressman and their staff.  And its just as well , because now that ACORN , LARAZ and the ACLU are controlling elections.  The country can save billions of dollars in salaries for all of these people employed by the Senate and the House. We simply dont need them anymore.  
Obama , will now rule , with his 20 CZARS, he will tell Geitner how to tax, when to tax, who to tax, and how much to tax. So when the Congress goes home for the what we used to call Independence Day,. They can just stay home, because there is no reason for them to return to Washington DC.
Fourth,  The States, because they have accepted printed paper from obama,..Have given up their sovereignty.  So we then in the States can save billions of dollars because there will be no more need for Governors, House and Senate members, staff, building expenses, retirements will be gone because the investors of those pension accounts have or will be wiped out , due to the elimination of secured bond holders contracts.  Oh and before I forget, your private property is now public property, so move over and make room for more illegal aliens coming across the border and become your new family.
I think I see how Obama is going to balance the budget by the end of his first term.  All of you non federal government employees will be eliminated.  You will follow the same path that GM and Chrysler workers have taken. Obama used GM and Chrysler as a blueprint for unraveling private corporations, institutional corporations, private large and small business.  The only jobs, going forward will be in the federal government, bueracrat  jobs. 
Think of the money we will now save by eliminating our court systems. Federal , State, County, .  We will go to a Federal goverment decider.  And for the serious stuff, well, a phone call to Obamanation will solve the questions.  And as for working up a contract,  no sense in going there,.  Obama, ended contract law yesterday , by sending a letter to FORMER SCJ Ruth Ginsberg telling her not to hear the petition from the Indiana Treasures office.
Now a little bit on this idiot Letterman. here is the link to the video of last nights disgusting monalogue:   Sarah you should sue this SLOB for everything he’s worth.  Put him in the poor house where he belongs,.. I’ll bet his mother had a thing or two to say to him this morning.
You have all heard what he said about Gov Sarah Palin and her daughter. I had to delete what I wanted to say here,. But here is a promise. I am thru with CBS,NBC,ABC,and CNBC, Mark, Im sorry, like you a lot but its over. I have eliminated these four networks from my TIVO and my Favorites. I encourage everyone to do the same.  And let the advertisers know what we have done. I will never watch Letterman, Meet the Press,Face the Nation or GS, ever again. Letterman, your a disgrace to my airwaves. You should lose your license to broadcast,.. If what Don Imus said , can get him fired, what you said, should see your show, canceled.
All of you union workers, that voted for Obama, just shot your selves inthe foot.  As more and more, manufacturing, transportation business’s move out of the country or close down altogether. You will see your jobs, disappear.  SUCKS TO B U!!!!!
And for all you stupid college students that are gaga over Obamanov,. When he gets thru with you , he’ll give you the same kind of end that Jones did to his followers at Jonestown. 
The Teachers union will finally have succeed. Schools will close because there will be no need for an education.  Your kids can stay home and watch cartoons, you know , like  Dick and Harry , love Barry. Jack and Jim ran up the hill , well you get the idea.
Letterman, your history, your slandering a 14 year old girl on national tv. Not to mention her mother.  I hope I run into to you in a resturant in Montana. Better yet I hope , and I have hundreds of readers in Montana,. I hope they schune you and refuse to serve you in Montana. You are a disgusting human being.
For some good news: Its my understanding that obama has already ordered his government motors armoured FIAT van.   Union Labor you will rule the day you shook the hand of the devil!!
Sarah Palin for President 2012  no time like the present!!!!!!
State Governors , you had better pull your heads out , or in 6 months this country will be gone.
The Third Party Movement is on the Move

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!


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