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June 6, 2009

Obama is an embarrassment!!

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The Arizona Sentinel
I think its fair to say , we now have a better understanding of this fella Obama. I have come up with an analogy that seems to fit his agenda.
Picture if you will America and its legal citizens, standing in the basement. bush followed by obama, are standing above on the ground, with a water hose. The water hose is on  and water(debt) is filling up the basement at an amazing rate. As the water (debt) rises , the American people are struggling to keep their heads above the water(debt).  Soon the American legal citizens can no longer touch bottom and are fighting for survival. 
Then true to form, obama, starts picking winners and losers. He throws survival gear, to a select few, Union leaders, a few union members,just to make it look good, old college buddies,leaders of groups like ACORN,LaRAZA,LUDAC,college students from liberal socialist universities,you get the idea.
Finally all of his cronies, are able to crawl out of the basement, but the rest of the American people , that havnt drowned are still there. He then throws in a bunch of floaties, just enough to keep you there, neck deep in water(debt), but not enough to allow you to climb out. Eventually you get exhausted from treading water(debt), you either give up and drown or you bow your obedience to Chairman Obama.
Its going to get UGLY ! 
Today was the 65th Anniversary of Normandy. As I watched the proceedings . I was embarrassed by Obama. We now know what he’s up to. He is a fraud.  The German Chancellor knows it, The French President knows it. Even said as much just the other day. The British Prime Minister is being pressured to leave, because he has followed the bush/obama fiscal policies.  The Canadian PM is figuring it out . And Prince Charles, never said a word to him. 
In my opinion, obama disgraced the American involvement in World War 11 , Normandy and D-DAY. The Leadership of Europe and Britain now recognize obama for what he is, an Anti American, and a phony. They see him now as a threat to world peace, due to his moral weakness, his pandering to what ever crowd he is in front of.  The phony statements made during the campaign, now being revealed.  Based on the recent statements by Al-Qeuda, even they recognize that obama’s words are only intended for the crowed he is in front of. Hillary also comes to mind. 
If Al-Qeuda makes good on their threat of carrying a suitcase with 4 pounds of anthrax to Washington.  Will the innocent civilians in the Belt way, look to bush for his failure to seal our borders? Will they have time to complain to Obama for his continuation of bush border policies?  
Will Sotomayor, cancel her membership in La Raza , assuming she survives the attack. 
We are faced with one of two situations with obama, he is either determined to continue with the demise of America, that bush put in place . Or he is just simply incompetent or stupid.  In fairness to Obama , he’s been a little busy, traveling around the world on vacation on our dime. AT Millions per hour!!!!!
MCCain keeps saying that elections have consequences,. What he fails to mention is that party nominees have consequences also. Conservatives, DorR would have never voted for McCain because of the amnesty bill. Many of us knew that the only way to get this country back on tract was to put up with this marxist for four years. But I dont think its gonna take that long.  Im convinced that there will be several things that happen before the 2010 elections. First there will be a no confidence vote in the Senate and the House demanding obama be removed from office. There will be a revolution of the states, evidence by the 10th amendment legislation going on now in 37 seven states. And Im proud to sat that here in my state, Rep Judith Burges has sponsered a 10th Amendment bill that is working its way thru the process. And there is little doubt that our Governor will sign it.  The legislation that is growing in many states regarding the commerce clause,  using guns and ammo as the vehicle.  Eric Holder will be forced to resign. We now have more of these stupid CZAR ‘s than the Soviet Union had in its entire history. Which is obama’s attempt to take Congress, out of the picture. You know that may not be a bad idea, I’ll give him that one for the time being.
Bottom line, until we build a fiscal fence around the district of columbia, and stop sending money from the states to DC. Will we float ourselves out of the basement. One way to look at the bailout money that states supposedly have taken , is nothing more than a return of money to its rightful owners.  The South Carolina Supreme Socialist Court has forced Gov Mark Sanford to take his 700 million bailout money.  Gov, you should take that money, and put it in a safe at the state treasures office. And wait. You may need it for the next war between South Carolina and the district of columbia. Do you have any Confederate money left??? That might be worth more.  
States must sever their ties with the district of columbia, the federal government is to work under the direction of the states. Not the other way around. Governors it is time for you to step up! Do not allow Barney Frank to guarantee your bonds. Do not shake the hand of the devil.  Look at what happened to Isreal!!
We need another Ronald Reagan, NOW!!

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!
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