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June 1, 2009

Obama’s Comedy Team goes to China!

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Today in China , Timothy Geitner, Obamas, comedic headliner gave his first, economic, pleading speech to a group of Chinese students. He was accopanied by Hillary and their enterage.  In his monologue, he made a statement in an attempt to convince the students that their governments investments in the U.S. Government were safe.
The students laughed him off the stage. Will Hillary in toe, they were in essence laughing at Obama and his entire cabinet and whats worse, the American people. 
Also as reported today . In Gietners effort to convince the Chinese that their investment in the U.S. Government are safe. Apparently the Chinese have developed the attitudes of Missourians. “SHOW US THE MATH” . Remember the little ole lady in the Commercial, saying ,  Wheres the BEEF!!.  Well the Chinese are saying ,, “SHOW US THE NUMBERS”.  So what we know is that the Chinese Students are being taught Economic, s from a different text book, that what our current Universities are teaching.  Apparently Geitner should have spent more time in China , maybe he would have learned how to crunch the numbers.
In Short China aint buying it.
The Russian paper Pravda in an editorial, made the statement that America has fallen in to Marxism without a whimper.
So I think its fair to day that the Comedy Central team of Obama,Gietner,Bernanke,Clinton and the rest are newest form of comedy around the world.
Unfortunately, here at home, many are either in the tank or are on their way.  Obama , said this morning that all of you that are fixing to lose your jobs, should rejoice in sacrifice.
For all you idiot college students that voted for this clown, you better be looking for a government job, Because that is the only employer thats going to look favorably at hiring you.  Make a note regarding that also:  Revenues for the first quarter  of 09 to the Gestapo IRS were down 134 Billion dollars.  So your government jobs one year from today will be at risk as well.  Your multi cultural education is going to swallow you.
As China is moving more and more into a Capitalistic Society, why would they or should they invest in a country that is totally upside down in debt . When they can take their money , invest it in China manufacturing and give the Chinese people a standard of living like they deserve.  China would be foolish to put more cash into the sinkhole called America.   NaFTA and CAFTA have worked , thanks bush’s, you and clinton have single handedly destroyed the the economy of the United States.  Now Obama can put the finishing touch on our demise.   By next year this time America will be a third world country.  The dolar is dropping like a rock.   You thought the interest rates were high during the Carter years.  You aint seen nothing yet.
One year from today, unless some miricle happens,. Wall Street will collaps.  We will be lining the streets in New York with bodies bailing out of Wall Street windows.
click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!
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