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May 29, 2009

Americans its time to pull the head out!!!

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Republicans and Democrats, and Independents its time to pull your heads out of your _ _ _.  Obama is moving this country, into third world status at a record pace. If you want your towns and neighborhoods to look like South Las Angles or Mexico City. Do what you have been doing.
This nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, is nothing short of treason. Sonia Sotomayor is a member of LA Raza or the “THE RACE”,.. Which explains her comment that any decision that she would render would be far better than any decision rendered by a white guy. 
This community organizer has one agenda.  With this nomination he will render the Constitution a dead document. He will use this nomination to destroy our borders and render our lines of sovereignty mute. 
His Press secretary threatened the press corp two days ago. Telling them to be very careful in their treatment of this nomination.
Folks regardless of your party, R,D or I you had better saddle up and send the message to all members of the Senate. This Nomination cannot stand. This La Raza, advocate can never get near our nations highest court. We have enough unconstitutional behavior going on there now.
Many of you will remember, the comment made by bush 43, “Dont throw the Constitution at me, its just a God Dam piece of paper.”
You have elected a George Bush spin off. Barry Soteoro is driving this country the same direction as George Bush . Generating unsustainable debt, driving the fought and died for culture of the United States in to the dumpster.
You need to be calling your Governors and demanding that they get on board the 10th Amendment Movement. You need to be calling the leadership of your parties, state and federal and demand the resignation of Barry Soteoro. And over the next few weeks you need to be emailing and calling your Senate delegation and your members of the House on what ever side of the isle and demand that they demand S S removal from this nomination.
With this nomination, we now know the true agenda of Barry Soteoro. The connection between ACORN and Soteoro, speaks loud and clear as to this fellas plans for America. 
If the Democrats fail to step up in the next few weeks. They are going to see a Democrat and Republican Conservative movement, like never before. You all know the agenda of “LaRaza” and the Reconquistadors. If you dont you had better get up to speed.
Barry Soteoro has no allegiance to this country because he was not born here.
To all Governors of all 50 states. If you want to see your states dissimated, keep doing what your doing. If you want to see 400 million people here fighting over the same piece of land that your home is on. Keep doing what your doing. If you want to see all of Americans living in row houses such as in Siberia or Baltimore or Philadelphia, keep doing what your doing.  If you want to be a historical player in the destruction of America, keep doing what your doing.
As for Isreal, you had better, not shake the hand of Soteoro. He will chop it off. To Netanyahu, dont be dupped like America was.
If the White House Press Corp. takes the threats made to them by this baffoon Robert Gibbs. Then America, you will know that they are a part of the plan. And history will write that America was duped by its government and its press.
They will prove that Kruschev was right. They will destroy America without firing a shot.
Look folks,  Our government,YOU, is falling apart. The House and Senate are being removed from the third leg of our country,not to mention they are corrupt, the Supreme Court , wont protect private property, the President is a fraud. A Treasury Secretary and Fed Chairman that have never worked in the private sector, they have no clue as to how to manage , or start a business.  They have created a financial condition here that we will never get out from under.
go to this link for members of the senate judiciary committee:
Last night Glen had Craig Nelson”Coach” on his show,. He’s dead on target.
God Help Us!!!!

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!
If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.FEDUPREPVET

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