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May 28, 2009

Towns are bailing, fed up with State and Federal Mandates and Legacy Costs

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Last night on Glen Beck,  he had a segment on three towns in the west that were considering disincorporating. Which means that they will stop being towns. Oh and it also means that they will not eligible for federal grants. Does anyone see the up side of that deal ? Mesa , Washington population 500,in California,Vallejo and Rio Vista, and several other towns, are looking into the option of disincorporating. The truth here is this , they never should have incorporated in the first place. If you want to understand why , go to your phone book and look at the blue pages. If your community remains unincorporated, you dont have any listings in the blue pages. Which means you are not paying for a bunch of power hungry local beauracrats, new vehicles, retirements, pensions, new buildings, and I could go on and on. In this community, I stopped the incorporation , but I could not stop them from building a million dollar fire department,  That now 3 years later is in financial trouble.  Does anyone know the number for Obama? 
  I couldnt believe my eyes. And frankly with all the other crap thats going on, it made my day.  And here is why.
I live in a small rural community in Arizona,. Population in the winter around 2500, in the summer its up around 4-4500. Four years ago a bunch of local, busybodies decided that we needed to be incorporated. Truth be known most of them were looking for jobs. Most had worked off the backs of taxpayers before they moved here and just wanted to do some double dipping. 
 Well first let set the stage here.  Ive lived in several cities,towns and communities during my 60 plus years. When we decided to move out west we wanted a community that was unincorporated, laid back, unasuming, yadyad. Well we thought we had found it in 2002.  Well these idiots managed to get the idea of incorporating on the ballot. So I went to work, I knew exactly how to kill the vote and we did, 2 to 1 against.  I can assure you that as long as I live here, this community will never incorporate.
Glen in his segment, seemed shocked that these 3 communities would decide to disincorporate. Even thou he him self went round and round with code inspectors over a fence around his house in Connecticut.
Last night on the Late Show the Actor Governor of California says he got the message. It took an election for him to get the message. California, 21 billion in debt with over 40 by the end of the year.
Now , lets see where this is really headed.  First bankruptcy by a town is an option. These legacy costs that Mayors, city commissions, county commissions have developed are unsustainable.  We are going to see towns and I will predict cities will be filing for bankruptcy relief over the next decade. Raising property taxes will just force people to leave. Have any of you heard about the tent city in California.  Fact is it is property taxes that is one of the reasons that we are considering a move.  Many friends of mine of different levels of economy have already moved to Texas, and in a half a dozen cases folks have moved to Belize, and Costa Rica, and Nevada has some real tax benifits. 
These folks with so called taxing authority are cutting their communities throat. They give themselves pay raises, and pensions. Off the back of their residents.  Last week a Real Estate Broker friend of mine said that foreclosures are pooping up all over this little retirement community.  They’re trying to keep it quite.  But its only going to get worse.
Here’s the real deal folks.  States and the Federal Government want you to incorporate,. then they have their hooks in your community. 
And before I go, I promised yesterday that I would keep the following link on each blog and email, until Janet Napolitano is removed from her postition as Director of Homeland Security.  

If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.

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  1. Good blog. Please send me info to help stop my town from incorporating. Supporters are trying to convince the town they need to have a “voice”. They also are talking about Agenda 21 and how incorporating can stop it. Also, they have voiced in favor of applying for state and federal grants. I can see how they are about to ruin a rural town . Please forward literature to me to help me build a case in opposition of incorporation. My email is Thank you


    Comment by tdusnvet — February 24, 2013 @ 2:32 am

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