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May 27, 2009

Freedoms vs Federal Government

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The United States political talking heads continually condems China for Civil Rights violations, while at the same time the U.S is attempting to put the citizens of the United States in the same position at those in China. One major difference is the debt being put on Americans is nothing short of slavery. We can only hope that China shuts off the U.S. Word is they are working to get their money out of the U.S. So were watching that.  
The reason China can get away with civil rights violations is because the Chinese people allowed their leaders to render them defenseless. In other words the Chinese government has no reason to fear civil retaliation because their citizens have no arms. Make a note DC, your treading on thin ice.  2010 is just around the corner!!
Our consitution guarantees our rights to own and bear arms. Americans will never allow its federal government to do what China, Turkey and the Soviet Union did to its citizens.
Lets take the problems that we have in DarFur, If we issued a loaded gun and a box of ammo, to every grass hut in DarFur or Somalia, Rowanda and Uganda, they could defend themselves and prevent the genocide that is going on there.  Its Elementary Dr. Watson. Idiots like Bono and Penn should realize this.
Now Montana has stepped up , watch the following as Glen gets into the details of the legislation.  Utah and Texas are following suit, will your state be next?????  Lets go folks, Montana has given us a blue print to save our freedoms from Barbara Fienstein,Chuck Schummer,Graham, and whats his name Obama and Holder.
Obama is in Las Vegas this week raising money from unemployed Nevadians for Harry Ried. Its ok for Air Force one and all the BS that follows it around to go to Vegas on the taxpayers dime. But its dead wrong for Corporations to have their conventions there if they received taxpayer bailouts.  It make me want to bang my head against the wall !!!!!! Unemployment in Nevada is in double digits!!!
Sonia Sotomayor , should never see the Supreme Court Bench!!!! Republicans if you allow this nominee to go forward you will never win another election. Watch the video below, Shes not a judge shes a policy developer in a robe.
She was dead wrong in her decision regarding the promotions of qualified firemen in New Haven Conn.  The Supreme Court is reviewing that case and will reverse her ridicules opinion.  Those fellas studied in good faith , took the test and scored very high. The positions were open and should have been filled. The fact that there were some blacks and mexicans that couldnt read the test, well that just tough _ _ _ _!!!
The Movie: The Deception of Bush and Obama:

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!
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