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May 26, 2009

Housing Declines Continue,Lindsey Graham Anti Gun Bill

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Goodmorning Everyone, hope all had a great Memorial Day. As most of you know, that read my babble, Im interested in a variety of issues national security, foreign and domestic political policies, the Constitution 2nd,9th,10th,16th,17th ammendments, and the economy.  Im telling you this because Ive added Twitter as a source and outlet. Today Im gonna hit the economy andthe second amendment.
For you new comers, you will find that Im in the prediction business. 30 years in the business world is the background for those predictions.
Several months ago, I predicted that the housing bubble that finally busted due to the greed of Real Estate Agents and Brokers, complimented by Appraisers, that without a copy of the Contract couldn’t do an appraisal if it could save their _ _ _. Then aided by a phony financial mortgage system. The bubble was going to bust and the inflated numbers in sales pricing was going to plummet. Over the past 2 years we have seen a steady decline in pricing. In Phoenix there are some investors that are trying to take advantage of a bottom. But they are getting ahead of themselves. This decline is not over and my prediction is that we will see another 15-18% decline in Residential Real Estate over the next 3.5 years. As reported this morning on Squawk Box the first quarter 09 decline hit 19.1%. That is the largest decline on record. Giving a total decline since the peak of late 07 of 32%.
We are currently looking at Residential Real Estate pricing levels reaching 2000 levels.  And these declines are now protruding outside of the Sun Belt. My prediction of a year ago stands, we will see an overall decline of 45-48% of the 2006 peak pricing. Now why is this important. First, the commercial Real Estate values and market began its decline in March. That sector of the market will put more downward pressure on Residential, due to the continuation of job cuts for small, medium and large employers.
A factor that cannot be overlooked here is that. The recent bump in home sales, especially in California were, foreclosed homes, with first time home buyers, and 50% of those new sales or modified mortgages have already gone back into foreclosure. And as reported two weeks ago, and as predicted, we will see cities bulldozing new, unfinished, and completed excess homes before this is over. Its happening now in California and a few other states.
Note:: For those of you that are paying property taxes at 2006 levels need to be hammering your county assessor. And get those valuations back to reality. Keep in mind that these declines are not over by a long shot.
The longer the Fed and Treasury interfere with the economy, the longer this will take to bottom out, ConfidenceIs the key here, and the Fed and the Treasury assisted by bush,paulson,obama and geitner will continue the decline in consumer confidence.
Once we see the interest rates return to the 6-8% levels, we will see the economy begin to level off. The problem is going to be the interest on the debt, that the government has given us. That debt will cause additional damage to the country.  More and more business’s that employee 50 or more will be forced to leave the country to avoid the taxation that the government will put on them.
What they have created here is a “what goes around comes around” condition. Somebody is going to have to pay for this debt spending.  And it wont be China.
As this problem, becomes more and more, obvious. States like the 33 that have already started on 10th Amendment legislation will be forced to remove the Federal Government from their day to day operations.  This could be the trigger that ends the Social Security System as we know it. Are we going to return to families taking care of families? Hope my kids are reading this. ::((
While Im thinking about it. North Korea, launching missiles, detonating nuclear bombs. And we act surprised, we paid for them. Kim Jong Ill is only doing what any sane person would expect him to do. Again we stick our noses in other peoples business and then we  wonder why they build and explode bombs.
The response by Obama is, to be expected, a bunch of hooey!. Talk is cheap BO , let China and Japan deal with-it , we’ve done enough.  Where did they get the guidancesystem? (Mr. Bill C.) in a roundabout way.  So , going forward , could these missles hit Hawaii, Las Angeles, or Alasks.  The question we have to ask ourselves, if this country poses a nucleure threat, why didnt bush take out the launching pads?   
H.C has no clue. Will China is just gonna sit back and watch?
Now lets hit the 2nd Amendment issue. There are two Senators that are fighting for the top spot of stupidity. Senator Harry Reid as earlier stated has got to be the dumbest of the bunch. But there is another that is reaching for the top spot. That fella is Lindsey Graham. He’s been on my “DA” list for years. Watching this clown follow McKennedy aroundduring the last presidential campaign was hilarious to say the least. Some friends of mine sent me a heads up on this clowns recent actions in violation of the constitution. Its beyond comprehension how this idiot got reelected by South Carolina. The following video by the Southern Avenger tells it better than I can. so here it is.
And this link will explain the Graham sponsored bill that will result in a National Anti Gun database:::
And notice the other youtube videos related to this fool in the senate. And pay particular attention to the look Senator Webb, gives to Graham during a Meet the Press, interview. Its my hope that the true conservative Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats will isolate Graham going forward.
Today is D day for GM, formerly General Motors now Government Motors. Heres the question. Are you going to buy a vehicle from Government Motors?
Remember this regarding the auto industry declines. Ask your self .How much did the Mortgage industry fraud, have to do with the failure of the auto industry, setting aside the legacy cost of those Companies?

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!


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