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May 25, 2009

Is the American Beacon Dimming? China is Dumping the Dollar!!

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 Memorial Day, reminds Americans, of the sacrifices that men and women, in uniform have paid to keep us free. But Freedom is a word that is under fire. The America that I grew up in, and hoped to leave to my children and grand children is being hijacked by failed foreign and domestic political policies.

First lets consider the current attack by members of the political elite that are hell bent on taking power away from the legal citizens of our country. The ability of Americans to voice, and vote their positions is being eroded by open borders, the so-called fairness doctrine, the theft of our monetary system by socialist motivated beuaracrats. Before I go any further I want you to watch and listen to this video=

On this Memorial Day, it seems to me that men and women in leadership positions are disgracing the memories of those that died for our freedoms. The singular issue that we are a country of laws, not of men. Has been set aside for political power and corruption.

Our most fervent failure currently resides in the White House. He is obviously not a natural born citizen. But does the problem lie with Barry? He knows where he was born. But if the American people are so stupid, like he said they were to Joe Biden during the campaign, then so be it. If the elected members of the House and Senate on either side of the isle will allow a non citizen to be President, and the FBI who is in charge of the certification vetting process, is willing to keep quite. What can a piss ant in the world of things like you and I to do? Before I go into this, I want you to click on this link and study it for a few minutes, then come back.

Last week I went to the National Rifle Convention in Phoenix. And for the first time in a long time I felt encouraged by what I saw and heard. Ay the speeches were great at the NRA Annual Meeting, but what was most encouraging was what I was hearing while mingling with the crowd. If the sentiment that was permeating the convention is felt thru most of legal America. Then we have a chance. The major theme I was hearing was that the Republican and Democrat parties are corrupt and must be replaced. The idea of a third party is knocking at the door. And people are ready to open the door. As the day grew on I found one position clear among most. And it was this. That any conservative candidate that is willing to run on an independent ticket. Will get the nod from legal voters.

Lets take the current battle between Rush,Colin,and Dick Cheney. Colin Powell has never been a Conservative. He may be registered as a Republican and he may see himself as a Republican but he is no Conservative. Rush knows this which is why he has gone after Powell. Rush is wasting his time in the Republican party because, the party has lost its conservative values, and the bush,cheney administration and the Republican lead congress for six years tanked Conservatism. Thus giving way to the socialist, colleges educated electorate, illegal voters and the hispanic voters that want to take control of America.

So what can we do . First, stop spending money. Second, Pay strict attention to who we vote for. Study the voting habits of your House and Senate members, the internet makes that easy. If a Conservative Independent runs get him or her elected. Regardless of office. And finally, get ready, because the phony economy that caused our current economy, has been propped up by the Fed and the Treasury.

Our only hope is if China, stops buying our debt. And I for one think they either have or are going to. I believe that China, looks at failed state policies like California,Arizona,Mass,and New York and says letem eat cake. They need to fail. IM convinced that China will soon replace America as the most Powerful Nation in the world. The borders of China are solid, and respected.  Unless the rest of the states follow the model of Oklahoma, and decide to deport all illegal aliens from their borders, our country will fail. Our core will have rotted and the rest will be history. The culture wars that exist between the races in our prisons today will permeate the civil society tomorrow.

 click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!


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