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May 22, 2009

Is China giving Obama the bird??

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The Arizona Sentinel
While Obama is trying to figure out how to make America a socialist, communist country. While Obama is trying to sell American Debt to China. While Obama is trying to take over, auto companies and newspapers, and probably states. The Chinese government has seen the light. Why throw more cash at a sink hole. They obviously recognize the dead end that is coming in the United States. The Chinese government, just like the majority of Americans and indeed the democrats in the Senate, recognize that Obama is an empty suit. China, like the majority of Americans have taken a hard look at the cabinet that Obama has put together and see’s it for what it is. A bunch of Anti-Freedom socialist that want to destroy the CAPITAL that Americans have put together over its 200 years history. 
So what is China doing? They are spending their money elsewhere. Brazil and Africa. Their doing what America should have been doing over the past 20 years. Thanks Jimmy C. for giving the Canal to China. Brilliant move!!!! China is buying assets, natural resources, real estate, making investments that will bring long term benefit to China. They have agreed with Brazil to use their own currency instead of the Dollar. Hmmm, I wonder why.  In short, China is treating America, like a X -Wife. China see’s what many of us here in America see. A country that is trying to destroy itself. A country that has so much debt, that it will never be able to repay it.
Our entire country is living on debt.  Nothing that we think we own do we. Because of the Trillions of debt dollars.
Obama has brought to his side, tax dodgers, liars, lobbyist. Hes doing everything he said he wouldn’t during the campaign.  That makes the President of the United States a liar.
But there is an up side to the fraudulent election of Obama.  It has woke up the American people. Even state legislators and governors recognize Obama for what he is. In a word “Dangerous.”  Ive said it before and I’ll say it again. Before Obama sees his 3rd year in office. The Democratic Party, the Conservative Democrats in the House and Senate. and the nation will be demanding his resignation.  Here’s the question, “Where’s the Beef”.
Yesterdays no vote to fund the closing of Gauntanamo, 90-6 shows that there
 are senate members in both parties that have no faith in the current occupant in the White House.
The current national demand for obama,s birthcertificate will over the next few weeks, give him the rope he needs to hang himself.  The birth certificate issue, will over time, become so large that Obama won’t be able to avoid the issue. Robert Gibbs will be hit everyday from someone in the press corp about it. Currently Obama is making the supreme court look like fools. What will they do when this issue becomes the talk of the day and they were given the opportunity to resolve the issue?  
I didn’t vote for Mccain, or Obama. But I’m kinda glad that Obama won. If Mccain had won Americans would have remained in their coma. But Obama has woke up Americans. From now on every issue that obama takes on, Americans are going to be watching him. I think is fair to say that the House and Senate have a number of members that simply dont trust obama. And they are not going to let obama destroy our country. If they dont step up, we’re going to see state after state, leave the Union. And as far as Im concerned the sooner the better!!
I wonder if Rosetta Stone has a course in Manderin?

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Recession-proof vacation ideas. Find free things to do in the U.S.


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