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May 20, 2009

Republican’s Future? Clinton gets Poked! Nevada Obama voters get the Shaft!!

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The Arizona Sentinel

 Is there a future for the Republican party? I believe the Republican party is fractured, broke down the middle. The Socialist, liberal Republicans vs. the True Conservative Republicans divided will prevent any future for the brand going forward. If Im an example, I for one will never vote for John McKennedy. Fact is I will never vote for anyone that supported the McCain Kennedy Amnesty legislation. The Republican party over time has been destroyed. Starting with Henry Kissinger,George Bush SR, John McCain and finished off with George Bush Jr.. John Mccains amnesty bill, and his pathetic excuse as a Senator, weak on national security issues regarding the border, and ports, his lack of involvement in the Ramos and Compean situation and on and on. The republican party was finished off with the flawed bush administration, The current flack that Michael Steele is going thru was to be expected, The likes of this idiot Lindsey Graham, coming out yesterday making statements that Ron Paul is not the leader of the Republican Party. Lindsey, no one knows that better than Ron Paul. But fella more Americans are listening to the Ron Paul message than anything that your spewing. Heres the question. Lindsey Graham, John Mccain,John Kyl and sat back and watched Barbara Finstien steal from the American taxpayer. Her recently exposed cudata “?” with the FDIC should have generated hearings in the Senate. Where are those hearings? But these three has-beens are totally silent. What Michael Steele needs to do is get out of the beltway. Go to rural America, stop talking to Republicans inside the beltway. They are traitors to Conservatives Values. They support the One World Order, and the North American Union. The current Republican elite’s are out of touch with Conservative American values. Michael Steele , rent a bus, and hit the road. If your hung up on sticking with the Republican Brand. You have 18 months to resurect the Brand. When Ronald Reagan, gave amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens he inadvertently set the stage for the demise of the party. So Mr. Steele you have your work cut out for you.

 This week true to form, Obama, shoved his finger, in Bill Clintons eye. Obama appoints Clinton as Special Envoy to Haiti. Gosh, isn’t that special. It so funny, I cant believe it. The question is how can Clinton deny the appointment, First he appoints Hillary Sec of State to get her out of the country. Now he’s sent Bill to the poorest country in the world.

And what about all those mexicans in Nevada that voted for Obama ,  Obama says no way you folks need to be going to Las Vegas on business trips,. Obama has killed the convention business in Las Vegas.  I wonder if all those illegal Ried Obama alien voters have started packing yet.  This obama fella is a piece of work. I cant help but wonder, what these liberal college students will think of Obama, when they start paying these higher prices due to Obama’s Cap and Trade. Its gonna be interesting to see how many Republicans vote for Cap and Trade, Im bettin that not one of the Blue Dog Democrats go with an Aye. And get ready folks the lawsuits are gonna start piling up on Obama’s desk. I’ll bet there are a lot of Chrysler dealers , that wish they had helped find the messiah’s birth cert. And as for the UAW, just wait until they start running these auto manufactures, Who are they going to negotiate wages and benefits with, themselves. I have to hand it Obama, he’s managed to screw up General Motors and Chrysler and the UAW must be furious.  Remember when Ford got rid of the independent dealerships, back in the 90’s, That’s probably the direction GM and Chrysler are headed, So lets see, they move off shore, to Mexico and China for their manufacturing, then they open Factory stores, ship units back into the U.S. which will enable them to keep the retail and wholesale profit. Like Ford did in their larger markets. Before this is all over, the Unions, Fortune 500 and 1000, companies are going to explode. Revenue to the Federal Treasury is going to fall off, sending the Federal Government into a tail spin. The same situation that is happening in California is about to happen in the District of Columbia,. Breaks my fricking heart.

 I see, in the very near future, the doors on Wall Street Closing. The only economy will be in the rural areas, neighbor to neighbor, Bartering could become the norm. In the next 12 months foreclosures will increase, credit card defaults will skyrocket. Commercial real Estate is currently ramping up for major declines. Most Real Estate owners,Residential or Commercial are still in denial. Over the next 18 months that is going to fix its self. Example, I know of a property that 2 years ago had an appraised value of over 3 million. That property was recently foreclosed on and at the Sheriffs sale, it sold for $601,000.00. The good news is that if you have cash, and are looking to move, there are some really good buys out there. So heres the question, Where would we be today if the federal government had left well enough alone??? Fact is all they did was kick the inevitable can down the road. I still cant get over it, Bill Clinton Special Envoy to Haiti. Now, thats funny I dont care who you are!!!!

More and more states are waking up and going for their 2nd,9th and 10th ammendment rights.  We have just passed the first turn on the track,  our enemies are going to press harder and harder thru the second turn. The third turn will be the total colapse of the federal government.  The fourth turn will be states that severed their DC ties, and remained true to their citizens.  States like Texas, South Carolina, North Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Montana, Utah, Ohio will create the leadership going forward.




 And before I go, I promised yesterday that I would keep the following link on each blog and email, until Janet Napolitano is removed from her postition as Director of Homeland Security.

FEDUPREPVET, Turned Independent Anyone wishing to be removed from these mailings, just email, and you will be deleted. And if you are receiving these twice let me know .

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