The Arizona Sentinel

May 19, 2009

Arizona Should say no to HB 2252

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The Arizona Sentinel
At a time when, Arizona is dealing with over spending, wasteful spending of revenues, a border that is costing Arizona billions of needless expenditures. The Arizona legislature wants to established trade offices in foreign lands. Bottom line, this effort is redundant. We have trade offices currently operating many foreign countries. Paid for by our federal tax dollars. This bill HB2252 is a waste of money. And would cost the Arizona citizens millions of dollars. The Arizona Governors office can work with the U.S. Trade delegation. The system is already there, use it.
If in fact the legislature in Arizona wants to generate tax revenue, jobs, they should look at the economic revitalization plan that I sent many in the legislature and the Obama Recovery team, before the election and again since. The problem with it is it will require, good ole fashion work. It will require the legislature to step up and do their job. It would generate hundreds of jobs, and tax revenue for Arizona. In a nut shell, we would be using our available land,water,manpower, to produce bio-deisel fuel and other bi products. You can read more about this on this site.
Another issue here is that this bill is an attempt to promote Globalism.  Globalism is a dying term. And here is why. Americans have figured out, that if they stop buying foreign made products, they can shut down the Globalization effort. Instead of producing legislation to spend money, they need to be producing legislation to cut spending. The economy of the U.S. according to Sec Geitner, has stabilized.  Assuming that that is true, Unemployment levels will remain at current levels, however they are expected to grow even higher. Assuming that is true, can we expect the economy to press on at its current levels? More and more companies will be closing, and laying off more and more employees, Because many of these companies were started during the false economy of the last 10 years. And that is over.
The up side of all this is that illegal aliens, will be forced to leave the country, by local citizens seeing jobs at what ever pay rate, going to people that do not belong here. If the Arizona legislature want to have more money to spend they should do something about the illegals that are sucking up the citizens of Arizona’s tax dollars.
This is the bill:
For those of you in Arizona, read this bill thru twice, once you get the jest of the bill, call your Arizona house member and tell them to vote NOT only NO, but HELL NO!!! go to for the phone numbers of your state Reps.

click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!

If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.


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