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May 18, 2009

Arizona State University,National Rifle Asso, and Pelosi

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The Arizona Sentinel
This past weekend is one I will never forget. First I had a couple of family members graduating from Arizona State University.  I saw Obamas speech Wed night on the tele, he’s a smooth talker, but Im tired of his BS.  Everyone was excited for the long awaited day. Thursday one of them graduated and the other on Friday .  Thursday went really well and was a lot of fun. But Friday was a different matter. I have always known that ASU was a bit liberal but what happened during the Friday’s ceremonies was, to put it mildly disgusting.  The Dean or President of the school got up and introduced a “Transvestite” to speak to the graduates and the audience.  That’s right the guy, “I guess,” got up, made up like a female, “I think” and gave a speech in a female tone, sometimes the male in “it” would come out. Im sure by accident.  Frankly it was embarrassing. Now some of you are going to accuse me of being a homophobe. Well, your right.  I couldn’t care less what this clown does on his own time, in his own bedroom.  But to disgrace the audience, alumni, the state and parents by shoving this ideology down our throats frankly ticked me off.  What was even more embarrassing was that the student body was all over this,Transvestiet. 
Another troubling incident, was the mention of Globalism by this President or Dean whatever he was. As many of us know, this State University is heavily involved with Robert Pastor and his plans for a North American Union.  And the ideology of One World Order, the bush agenda.
Bottom line here is this, If your a parent, and your a Red ,White and Blue , American, the last place in the world I would want any child of mine going to further his or her education,  would be ASU in Tempe Arizona. In my case I had no say in the matter. To sum up , this University is a State Supported School, to blatantly come out in support of out of the box sexual behavior is shameful. They even teach a course on Lesbian and Bi Sexual Behavior.  The citizens of the State of Arizona should demand that the State pull ASU’S Charter as a State School.
Now for the good news!!!
This weekend the National Rifle Association held its annual meeting and trade show in Phoenix.  It was fantastic, The annual meeting was held in this giant ball room at the Phx Convention center.  Folks it was packed.  The trade show, was packed with people, And I must tell you that, there were hundreds of folks there from California. People flew in from all across the country. I can tell you for a fact that people all over this nation are preparing for the inevitable. “They are mad as hell and they are not going to take it any more.”  I believe that we are getting close to the short rows.  I believe that we are going to see a political revolution in 2010. I believe that if your a politician and your running for a second, or a sixth term, your political days are over.
Finally just a couple of thoughts about Pelosi. I have said many times, if you wait long enough, wrongs will right them selves. Mother Nature will step in and fix what mankind either won’t, or is unable.  Well, Speaker Pelosi, your treasonous behavior, your failures regarding our ports and borders, and your lies are coming to an end. You are going down, like the titanic.  Just like the Captain of the Titanic you have your head up your “_ _ _ .” You have shamed your party, your family, and most of all your country. You do not belong in the Congress, you are a fraud and a phony. You are a perfect example of how unchecked power corrupts.   click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!


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