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May 17, 2009

Minutemen Border Effort pays off in Italy!!!

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The Arizona Sentinel
Two years ago, while working on the border with the Minutemen. I was asked on two occasions to spend a watch with two film 
crews, one from Spain and one from Italy.  Both crews were sent to the U.S. Southern borders for the same reason. To see first hand how the Minutemen were organized, how they conducted themselves in the field, and how they were recruited and how effective we were and are. Additionally they came in both cases, to demostrate to their citizens back home that its up to them to tell their political leaders that they have had enough of the illegal aliens destroying their country and their culture. In both Spain and Italy, they have and are being overrun with illegal aliens. They like the United States had and have a politic that is unwilling to deal with the massive numbers flowing into their country, bankrupting their country, destroying their communities, sucking up resources that they are not intitled to.  All for the sake of votes on the democrat side and cheap labor on the republican side.
It appears now that two years later, those documentaries may have paid off. I hope that in some way, our Minutemen organization played a significant role, in encouraging the citizens of first Italy and hopefully later Spain to come round and stop the flow of illegal aliens to their country. I received the following this morning.  
Italys new immigration law contains a host of controversial new measures.

The main one will make it a crime for someone to enter or stay in Italy without a visa or authorisation, and they will be liable to a fine of up to 10,000 euros. The fine is lifted if the immigrant agrees to leave the country.

The length of time illegal immigrants can be kept in government holding centres will go up from two to six months.

There is also a new measure aimed at stopping people from helping those living in the country illegally. Renting or offering accomodation to someone without the correct papers will be a crime, carrying a jail term of up to three years.

The government will also set up a register of the homeless, to be kept by the interior ministry.

A result of the new law will be that civil servants will be obliged to alert the authorities if they receive information about illegal immigrants.

And before I go, I promised yesterday that I would keep the following link on each blog and email, until Janet Napolitano is removed from her postition as Director of Homeland Security.  this person is part of the problem, not the solution. Obama should fire it immediately. 

FEDUPREPVET, Turned Independent

Anyone wishing to be removed from these mailings, just email, and you will be deleted. And if you are receiving these twice let me know .

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