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May 14, 2009

UAW you just got screwed by Obama

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Well folks the UAW just got screwed by Obama,..  Bottom line , if the federal government had kept their nose out of private enterprise. GM and Chrysler would had filed bankruptcy, restructured , and they would came back leaner and meaner, and the UAW would still have jobs here in America.  However now the taxpayers are 35plus billion short, UAW jobs are gone, and two of American Auto Icons are moving to Mexico, China,. Not to worry though, Obama has your warranty covered.   We are a stupid country , led by a bunch of dumb – – – – – .
If I were Armidinajhad, I would recruit GM or Chrysler to Iran.
Americans we have got to get the District of Columbia out of our lives. Before they run every manufacturing company in the country off shore.
Time is Freedom and we are running out of Time!!!
Our newest border security program:  Please dont feed the bears, they have plenty fresth meat to eat.
Question: Where is the Obama Administration on this??
Where is their response to keeping jobs in the US and
why and how can they explain using our TAX Dollars in Mexico???
Let me explain………………
At a time when
+another 340,000 plus homes are involved with a new filing of foreclosure,
+unemployment continuing to rise
+ILLEGAL ALIENS – many from Mexico – continuing to enter the US and
take American jobs, resources etc.
+violence on our southern border from Mexican Drug Cartels continues to rage
+Obama is considering eliminating the $400 million of the State Criminal Alien Program (SCAPP)
+we are subject to continued taxation without representation by our non representing
Representatives – we have this…….
Our HARD Earned taxes dollars being spent to bailout Chrysler only to
find out that they will now close the Kenosha Wisconsin’s engine plant
along with other and move those jobs to MEXICO !!!!!
That’s right! – while we continue to express our outrage of the ignorance
of our immigration laws and fight illegal immigration and continue to voice
our opinions of bailout after bailout – with no visible success…
No wonder Obama is against the fence
For the newer members to MINNSIR – generally, I try to keep my
commentary here short and report the facts – but this in simply just
to much.
I am sure that the outrage Chrysler will take on this will be enormous
and that a boycott of Chrsyler will begin – if not by another group –
MINNSIR will take it upon itself to initiate one.
What is it going to take for America to wake up?
Please express your thoughts – click article link or “click to comment” link
to leave your thoughts
KENOSHA, Wis. — Hundreds of workers in Kenosha are out of a job temporarily.
Chrysler plants around the country are shutting down temporarily for up to two months.
Documents in Chrysler’s bankruptcy case revealed on Friday that the automaker plans to close five more of its plants by the end of 2010, including Kenosha’s engine plant.
That news surprised and angered Wisconsin’s governor.
“I am really outraged how Chrysler’s handled this,” Gov. Jim Doyle said. “Even as recently as the day before their announcement, they were telling us that were continuing to look at Chrysler as the potential site for a new energy efficient engine.”
Doyle said he spoke with the White House over the weekend.
“I’ve had the opportunity to talk to the White House, the Auto Task Force of the White House, and as they move to restructure Chrysler, I hope they understand what an important asset they have in Kenosha,” Doyle said. “I don’t want to hold out false hopes to anyone, but the number one hope is that somehow in this process, that Chrysler has a product that they see that they can make, that they can make in Kenosha.”
U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan told 12 News he was extremely disappointed by the company’s decision.
“I think it’s appropriate that people are really upset that they’re going to create a new engine plant in Mexico with their tax dollars when Kenosha is well set-up to take that engine plant,” Ryan said. “If you’re reorganizing this company and you’re involving more tax dollars, then why is this new engine plant going to Mexico and not Kenosha, Wisconsin?”
The Kenosha plant — the last major auto-manufacturing facility in Wisconsin — employs about 800 workers. The state estimates the plant’s closing will also trickle down to affect 1,200 workers employed at related businesses.
If a U.S. bankruptcy court clears Chrysler’s deal with Fiat, the company said it will offer employees jobs at plants that will remain open.

UAW Holds Rally

Hundreds of UAW workers crammed into the UAW Hall in Kenosha for a rally Monday night. Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman and Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton were also in attendance.
Although the workers at the Kenosha Chrysler plant know they face a grim-looking future, they exuded optimism at the gathering.
Workers were caught off-guard and angered at Chrysler’s announcement last week of the plant’s imminent closure, as word of the incoming production of a new Chrysler engine had previously given workers hope for long-term job stability.
Amy Koperski said she was lured here last year from a Chrysler plant in Ohio because of the new engine plans.
“Now I’m out on the street; I have nobody,” she said. “Nobody knows what it’s like until you are in this position.”
Despite getting billions of dollars in taxpayer bailout money, Chrysler is planning to move all of its operations to Mexico.
“We would like the work that we were promised — that’s in Mexico, should be in Wisconsin,” UAW Local 72 President Glenn Stark said. “Not U.S. taxpayer dollars keeping Mexico operations open.”
UAW representatives acknowledged their lack of leverage, but they hope to use political pressure to lobby Chrysler and President Obama to keep the Kenosha plant up and running.
“We continue to encourage people to buy American-made Chrysler cars and trucks,” John Drew of the UAW said. “Make no mistake about it — we want Chrysler to emerge from this bankruptcy as a strong and competitive company, but we want them to emerge with Kenosha as a part of it.”
Tell Us What You Think
Register or log in below and tell us what you think of Chrysler’s plan to close the Kenosha engine plant.
Do you think the government did the right thing, giving Chrysler millions of dollars? What do you think Fiat brings to the table? Do you think manufacturing jobs will stay in Wisconsin?
Share your comments here.
Kenosha Chrysler Plant To Close In 2010
NEW YORK — Documents in Chrysler’s bankruptcy case reveal the automaker’s plans to close five more of its plants by the end of 2010.

Kenosha’s engine plant is on that list. “I am shocked, surprised and deeply disappointed by today’s (Friday’s) news. From my conversations that took place with Chrysler executives this year and as early as Wednesday evening, I had been given assurances that this would not occur,” U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan said. The plants include the Sterling Heights and Conner Avenue assembly plants in Michigan, and the St. Louis North assembly plant in Missouri. Chrysler’s Twinsburg, Ohio, stamping plant would also close. The plants are among eight that would be left out of a deal for Italy’s Fiat to buy the U.S. carmaker’s most valuable assets in bankruptcy. Instead, the “new Chrysler” would lease the plants then shutter them by December 2010. Two other plants on the list were idled at the end of last year. Those are the St. Louis South plant and an assembly plant in Newark, Del. And Chrysler’s Detroit Axle plant is already scheduled to be replaced by a new factory near Port Huron, Mich. Wisconsin Gov. Doyle Friday issued this statement about the planned Kenosha closure:
“This plan is contrary to what Chrysler has been telling us all along,” Doyle said. “Now we find out through the news media that they may be shipping Wisconsin’s jobs to Mexico. This is outrageous. Wisconsin workers are willing to invest their hard earned tax dollars to help save Chrysler but it is unfair to ask those same workers to sacrifice their jobs to save a foreign plant making the exact same product.”

Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
Independent Minnesota Minutemen
State Chapter for FIRE Coalition
Restore Order Secure Our Border

STOP SPP is a non-partisan group of citizens concerned over …
the creation of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION.
This will dismantle USA as we know it today.

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