The Arizona Sentinel

May 12, 2009

Unions Plus Obama equals bye bye General Motors

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The Arizona Sentinel

 Several weeks ago, our government, gave billions of taxpayer dollars to our largest automaker. Supposedly to save the company, and to give them time to come up with a corporate plan, that would enable them to continue manufacturing cars and trucks for America and beyond. The union led by Ron Gettelfinger, made it clear from the get go that they were going to hold fast to the current wage levels and existing legacy costs. If that has changed in recent weeks it has not made it to the media. The government, stepped in, under the backdrop of the taxpayer funded bailout money, and insisted that no more bailout money would be available unless Rick Wagoner step down.  What that did was set off the alarm bells at GM.

It is obvious that Obama’s role in the GM fiasco was voter payback, The UAW,Barack Obama, and the U.S Chamber of Commerce have played a significant role in what is about to happen. We learned yesterday the GM was considering selling its elaborate corporate executive building. GM has also announced plant closings and voiced intentions of expanded manufacturing in Mexico and China, if I were GM I would also look very seriously at India. Yesterday we learned that most of the top executives in GM, including Bob Lutz , have sold all of their GM Stock. That was to be expected and a smart move on their part. Once again, Im going to say , “I told you so”. Last year when all these rumblings were going on about GM and Chrysler. I told you that if these Manufactures were going to survive they would have to move out of the country.

There is no question, GM got to big for its britches, too many dealers, too many brands, plus it lost control of its financing arm, GMAC. But here is the major point, Obama interfered to pay back the union votes. The unions have failed to back off from legacy costs, retirement programs, health benefits, and labor fraud within the unions, excessive time off, and somebody punching the time clock for absentee workers, ect ect ect. (Productivity) Bottom line, it has all back fired General Motors is gone. I expect GMs, home of record to be moved to a foreign country. They have decided that America is not a place to call home.  They have stuck their finger in the eye of Obama and Gettlfinger. What should have happened, is bankruptcy.  Bottom line, Government should stay the hell out of private enterprise.  Another example is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, look how they have screwed up mortgage financing,  waste , fraud , and abuse, another name for Government.  Im bettin that Gettlfinger is down at Honda and Nissan on his knees, beging them to let the UAW in.  Good luck bubba.

“Its Elementary Watson”

Before I go, I promised yesterday that I would keep the following link on each blog and email, until Janet Napolitano is removed from her position as Director of Homeland Security.

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