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May 12, 2009

Unions Plus Obama equals bye bye General Motors

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The Arizona Sentinel

 Several weeks ago, our government, gave billions of taxpayer dollars to our largest automaker. Supposedly to save the company, and to give them time to come up with a corporate plan, that would enable them to continue manufacturing cars and trucks for America and beyond. The union led by Ron Gettelfinger, made it clear from the get go that they were going to hold fast to the current wage levels and existing legacy costs. If that has changed in recent weeks it has not made it to the media. The government, stepped in, under the backdrop of the taxpayer funded bailout money, and insisted that no more bailout money would be available unless Rick Wagoner step down.  What that did was set off the alarm bells at GM.

It is obvious that Obama’s role in the GM fiasco was voter payback, The UAW,Barack Obama, and the U.S Chamber of Commerce have played a significant role in what is about to happen. We learned yesterday the GM was considering selling its elaborate corporate executive building. GM has also announced plant closings and voiced intentions of expanded manufacturing in Mexico and China, if I were GM I would also look very seriously at India. Yesterday we learned that most of the top executives in GM, including Bob Lutz , have sold all of their GM Stock. That was to be expected and a smart move on their part. Once again, Im going to say , “I told you so”. Last year when all these rumblings were going on about GM and Chrysler. I told you that if these Manufactures were going to survive they would have to move out of the country.

There is no question, GM got to big for its britches, too many dealers, too many brands, plus it lost control of its financing arm, GMAC. But here is the major point, Obama interfered to pay back the union votes. The unions have failed to back off from legacy costs, retirement programs, health benefits, and labor fraud within the unions, excessive time off, and somebody punching the time clock for absentee workers, ect ect ect. (Productivity) Bottom line, it has all back fired General Motors is gone. I expect GMs, home of record to be moved to a foreign country. They have decided that America is not a place to call home.  They have stuck their finger in the eye of Obama and Gettlfinger. What should have happened, is bankruptcy.  Bottom line, Government should stay the hell out of private enterprise.  Another example is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, look how they have screwed up mortgage financing,  waste , fraud , and abuse, another name for Government.  Im bettin that Gettlfinger is down at Honda and Nissan on his knees, beging them to let the UAW in.  Good luck bubba.

“Its Elementary Watson”

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Bubbleheaded Legislation in Texas, pay as u go!

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Just when we thought Texas had their act together, some dam fool in the texas legislature comes up with a bill that is nothing short of treason. These idiots in Texas have come up with “pay as you go”, legislation, what happened to the taxes that are put on to fuel sales???????,

ep our FREEways toll-free!
St’renamed’ TTC!
Quick Links…

San Antonio Toll Party
Donate Today!

Other Resources: <;s=4329&amp;e=001BP99BZ8gelvjPjYWZth75VOJKIpyyLFOn7qgVoIylSNNBydY0kewj9CoTiDoed60KJ2Vq63xDHKgQEb-mZ575KXKOPjYntJB8tp77fiX6JY1PsKRyfIqSA==&gt;
Texas TURF site
281 Overpasses Now!
Truth Be Tolled

House votes to sell our highways to the highest bidder & put EVERY mile you drive under the control of foreign, private corporations!

Amendment #134 that re-authorized private toll contracts (or CDAs) was slipped into HB 300 on Friday, without a record vote, when many members were not on the floor. Texans cried foul and instead of REPEAL the amendment today, they RE-AUTHORIZED it again without a RECORD VOTE so they wouldn’t have to go ON THE RECORD so that the people of Texas can hold them accountable. So if that’s the way they want it, they can all hang together! Even our good guys did not vote in opposition or request a record vote.

First, during floor debate last Thursday, House Transportation Committee Chairman Joe Pickett added an amendment to the REPEAL of the Trans Texas Corridor amendment that would have UNDONE the repeal. Pickett actually had the unmitigated gall to say his amendment to UNDO the repeal of the TTC was “acceptable to the author” (Rep. Leibowitz) when in fact it was a sneaky trick to UNDO the repeal of the TTC. Thankfully, they caught it in time and moved to strip Pickett’s diabolical amendment and again REPEAL the Trans Texas Corridor.

Then, when the Larry Phillips amendment was snuck into the bill Friday, it created a NEW chapter of the code that referenced the Trans Texas Corridor and chapter 227 and threatened the repeal of the corridor once again, and it also extended CDA authority to ALL toll project entities, which has NEVER been debated either in committee or on the floor for HB 300. Are you getting the idea that the lobbyists and the foreign toll corporations are having their way with our elected officials who REFUSE to listen to the will of Texans and nix these CDAs?

Author Rep. Carl Isett said NO funding mechanism/issues would be included in the Sunset bill and he told members the CDA discussion was going to happen in committee this week, not in the Sunset bill, only to allow Phillips’ amendment into the bill under the radar Friday and again today. Does it surprise you to have yet another politician LIE to the people of Texas?

As you read above, instead of right this OUTRAGEOUS wrong, they voted for it, again without a record vote.

This is no way to enact some of the most important legislation of the session. It impacts EVERY Texan.  Let them hear your OUTRAGE NOW!

Now the Senate will pass their Sunset bill, guaranteed to be loaded with anti-taxpayer, anti-Texan, pro-privatization provisions,  which will differ from the House bill and then it will go to conference committee. What ends up in this bill comes down to 10 people, the 5 conferees from the pro-CDA, pro-toll Senate in the hip pocket of this Governor and the highway lobby, and 5 from the wobbly-kneed, weak Texas House. The Speaker of the House is from anti-toll San Antonio and has done little to represent the people from his own district , much less the PEOPLE of Texas.

Senators to the PEOPLE: “You won’t get your amendments”…
The REAL fight will be in the Senate where Senator John Carona told me pointblank at the beginning of the session that we the people would NOT get elected leadership at TxDOT, period! He also rammed private toll contracts (CDAs) through the Senate. In addition, SenatorRobert Nichols told me that only HIS loophole-laden version of the bill dealing with tolling existing roads would pass this session.

What’s at stake…
So get those phones ringing and keep them ringing! If we don’t KILL CDAs, foreign corporations will have the power to control EVERY MILE WE DRIVE for a half century at a time! The deals already in the works will cost the average commuter 75 cents a mile and over $3,000 a YEAR in new toll taxes. If we don’t GET a REAL ban on tolling existing highways and get stuck with Nichols’ loopholes, our freeways will be converted to tollways unabated!
Let them hear YOUR ROAR!

1) Call Speaker Joe Straus at (512) 463-1000 (or email and tell him to appoint conference committee conferees that represent the PEOPLE of Texas, not Cintra, not the highway lobby!

This directly impacts Speaker Straus’ district. Let him hear from YOU NOW!

2)  Call your state senator and your state representative and tell them we will NOT accept their cow dung in order to get our good amendments!

Repeat this message…

1) No private toll contracts that sell our highways to foreign corporations (strip Phillips sneaky amendment to extend these contracts that end the moratorium!)
2) YES to Leibowitz’ version of BAN on tolling existing roads (freeway to tollway conversions, a HUGE double tax rip-off)
3) No Trans Texas Corridor
4) YES to elected leadership at TxDOT

Find your state legislators here… <;s=4329&amp;e=001BP99BZ8geluMTj7q4KA8_sLBAU1gse2N_phJdU4f_I0M3R0wQmllLbIeFc6I6vo7Un5lVhevmaEDgqLLbkfN7T5JmtxdzTa4sH62cWwi-mfCTZXLrz5xMQmulS8UkgU7VF0Qg9X7U_3Y68SK1vtVlu_rDgc5e-nKmu7yjXkgj6TkbjUOU0LCILgHJFMNXgZixQDZ&gt;

Call the Capitol switchboard (512) 463-4630 between 8 AM – 5 PM. To reach your legislators after 5 pm or over the weekend, get his/her direct phone numbers here… <;s=4329&amp;e=001BP99BZ8geluMTj7q4KA8_sLBAU1gse2N_phJdU4f_I0M3R0wQmllLbIeFc6I6vo7Un5lVhevmaEDgqLLbkfN7T5JmtxdzTa4sH62cWwi-mfCTZXLrz5xMQmulS8UkgU7VF0Qg9X7U_3Y68SK1vtVlu_rDgc5e-nKmu7yjXkgj6TkbjUOU0LCILgHJFMNXgZixQDZ&gt;

You can also email your state legislators by using this formula:

Plug in the name of your STATE Representative to:

Plug in the name of your STATE Senator to:

But at this stage of the game,




“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men.”

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