The Arizona Sentinel

May 9, 2009

Obama Budget Blowback raising interest rates!!!

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The Arizona Sentinel

What a Friday, great news all around,. First unemployment numbers were down over previous month.  The number reported this morning 563 thousand new filers.  Bringing the total to 13.7 million Americans unemployed,.We will see 20 million before its over. Notice how the total number could be brought to zero if we got rid of all the illegal aliens.  Eventually this issue will light the fire in the bellies of Americans.  The percentage 8,9 percent, on its way to double digits. My forecast is 15 to 18 million by the end of 2009.

The other good news, the Dow is up now for the 9th straight week.  Plus the best news is that China, has realized that American Economic Policy is flawed , and going forward they see a country that politially on the left and the right are coming apart at the seams.  China , recognizes that Obamas, push for bigger government, will make it more difficult for America to pay the interest on the national debt.  They know that without a booming middle class,”capitalism”  tax revenue will not come in fast enough to pay the interest.  So the good news is interest rates are going up,.. I have been pushing for higher interest rates ever since that idiot Greenspan  allowed Clinton, Barney Frank , Maxine Waters demand that he lower the rates. 

A strong America is a saving America, not a spending America.  The other thing that is happening here is that America is making a Star out of a Scar.  What do I mean, by that, well the election of Obama, and his cabinet appointments ,, scare the hell out of even many in the left wing of the democratic and republican parties.   State legislators realizing that they have the right to act. And act they are.  Recent state bills passed and or  in process demonstrate that the time has come to separate from the District of Columbia.  I say that one year from today we will see a  totally different country. The more,foolishness that comes from Obama and his cabinet members,. The more the states will step up. Here is a great example of what Im getting at. Obama is cutting funds from the budget that helps states cope with illegal aliens coming into their respective states.  Such as the cost of incarcerating illegal aliens.  So is this a good thing for states,.. I say it is, because once again the states will have to decide if they are going to continue to drain the state coffers to house, feed, educate and provide free ER health care illegal aliens.  I say they will eventually refuse and like Rowdy would say.  “Load em up and ship em out” .  We could send them to Mexico , but with wide open borders in 24 hours they would be right back here crawling under the barbwire fence and we would have deal with them all over again. So lets send them to a place that wants them.  Works for me!!!

But then there is the question as to where to ship them.  For me that is simple. Any state, city or county that has a sanctuary policy for illegal aliens,. Thats is where we take them.  Give  them 50Bucks, buy them a bus ticket to New York or LA.


ACORN,,,, lets all watch were this goes, and who is connected to this organization.  My guess it will wind up real close to the top.  Remember folks this group is getting billions of your taxpayer dollars.   On one day, John Conyers wants a investigation into ACORN, two days later , he says there is no need for a investigation.  Hmmmmm.  Jerry Nadler a sleazeball Congressman from New York,.  A committee chairman, balked at the idea of a investigation. Hmmm,,

Well as I predicted,. GM, is going to survive by taking the bailout money and moving off shore, to build its vehicles.  Taxpayers , can suck eggs.  In the defense of GM,.. Now they can give the UAW,and the Obama administration the bird and move off shore and away from their union labor contracts.  And once they move their corporate offices, and give up their U.S. Corporate status,.  The retiree’s kiss their retirements goodbye. Just another example of Corporations getting fed up with all the government and union meddling in their business.  Been there.

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