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May 7, 2009

Lets Renew our American Spirit

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Click on this link and lets take a day off.

California, bulldozing houses,,,, I told you so!!!!! Are States Preparing for a Constitutional Convention? the legalization of Marijauna!

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Yesterday, we learned that in Mexifornia, they are bull dozing houses. Thats,  right, brand new, unfinished stick stacks , that they intended to sell to illegal aliens financed with sub prime, no doc,, stated income loans,… Well the turkey has come home to roost. Several months ago,  before the election I predicted in one of my posts that at some time  in the future, bulldozers will be clearing properties of these erected sticks.

Senator Arlen Spector,,, former RINO in the Republican Party, bailed last week for greener votes in Pennsylvania.  Knowing he was gonna get an ass whooping in the primary,.  So lets go where we belong , lets be a democrat.  Oh but it gets better, Spector gets to sit way over on the left side of committee hearings.  Yep , he’s at the bottom of the totem pole.  Like Bush,, thank God and Greyhound he’s gone.

Today  , Obama went on about how he is going to continue the war against Al Queda.  And his support for Pakistan and he is giving them 5 billion dollars to help the Pakistan people and the Government in its fight for its Sovereignty.  Well isn’t that just dandy. Here is a president, like the one we just got rid of that will spend billions of American Taxpayer Dollars to support the sovereignty of ,Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  But here’s, the question.   What about American sovereignty.  Our borders are wide open. And thousands of illegals from all around the world are flooding this country.  Of course they will vote for Obama, assuming they stay out of jail,.. Oh wait,  Hillary Clinton wants criminals to be able to vote, lets not forget that little tidbit.

Since I am in the predicting business: Lets explore the future.  First, we now have in excess of 33 states that are drafting 10th Amendment legislation.  Over the next 6 months that number should grow to 40.   To go into a Constitutional Convention, if memory serves me , requires 2/3 of all states to be on the same page.  We now have 33 states in motion and another 7 will just add icing to the cake,  33 meets the requirement.  So  where ever you are, after  reading this, get with your state legislators and tell them to get on board . Demand that your state, moves forward to a Constitutional Convention.  Better yet, lets join with Texas and succeed from the Union.  Lets leave the District of Columbia out there by itsself.  Lets tell the District of Columbia to pound sand.

You may have heard that a group that calls themselves ” National Council For a New America” .    Look at who is on the members list,  its a joke.  Anything that mccains name is attached to will kill the project.  Eric Cantor the apparent leader of the effort, should have done some serious soul searching before letting most shown to be in the project.  Just take tax policy,TARP,AMNESTY, Support for a phony war in Iraq, that is now continued by Obama,  “What was it he said during the campaign” ???.

There is only  one way we are going to save this country.  States must and will eventually bail out of the federal system.  Washington DC no  longer represents the United States.  When this happens is when Obama will declare martial law.  However, the only military that will follow him will be foreign.  Its coming!!!

Finally ,  the actor governor in California , is going to study the idea of legalizing Mary Jo.  I cant wait.  First his motive is to be able to tax it, to attempt to save Mexifornia, from its illegal alien, budget woes.  Don’t tell him but here is just one unintended consequence.  And before I go there, let me say that anything I can do to help him along , I will.

First, almost immediately all drugs, Maryjo, that is currently coming across the southern borders will will be diverted to California and San Diego county.  Great, lets get this on.

Second, the price of a ounce or pound of Maryjo, will over night become very very cheap.

Third , all the dope smoking left wing socialist will be flocking to Mexifornia to live where they can smoke their dope. That will get them out of the rest of the states, saving them billions of dollars in social programs ,including prison.  We will be able to let all the dope smokers back on the street, lets just send them bus fare to Mexifornia.

Fourth,  the drug cartels will explode with anger.  Instantly the leaders of open and legal use of Maryjo will become targets by the cartels.  There is no way that the leadership of these cartels , are going to sit back and  let Arney , destroy their profit machine.

When you go to bed tonight , if your a God fearing soul. Lets all pray that Arney , gets Marijuana legalized in Mexifornia.

More good news,,.. the current head of Department of Homeland Security, Napolitano is on a daily bases, doing what she does best. Screw up what ever her current job is supposed to be.  She broke the budget back of Arizona, now shes going to destroy the Department of Homeland Security.   DHS should be terminated, Napolitano should be sent to Somalia to study the mating habits of mosquitoes.   Can anyone figure how this broad got this job.  Someone must have felt sorry for her, shes like a little potato head.  Shes an idiot.


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