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May 6, 2009

Has Bernake Gotten the Message,Biden,China,Ford,Chrysler

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Ok First things first :

This morning Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before the House Economic  Committee,. Thru all the babble, one thing, popped up loud and clear.  Congressman Ron Paul, asked the chairman

It was obvious that the Chairman , was well aware of Representative Pauls HB 1207. For complete details go to    And at last count has over 100 co sponsors. Calling for a audit of the Federal Reserve,.  A measure that is long over due.  One crucial part of that bill would require the Fed to disclose all agreements between the IMF, the World Bankers, and foreign governments. In short all monetary policy would be disclosed to the American People,.. Bernake did stress the importance (in his mind ) of the independence of the Federal Reserve.  Otherwise he said he would entertain, the request of Dr. Paul.  I believe Ben can read the tea leaves.  Way to go RON PAUL,, before this is over this country will follow your lead.

Now for a bit of humble pie:  Today we took down a post that was aimed at Obama’s eligibility to be president,  Several of our contacts, convinced us that the article was not supported by facts,…  First: I have a couple of excuses , but I hate excuses so non will be given.  Second we have notified the source that we will no longer be accepting emails, of any nature from them.  Third:  The Facts, truth is the only information we are interested in.

But let me tell you what this experience told me.   There is so much interest in seeing to it that mr. Sortero AKA Obama is removed from the White House ,  that our site, hits went thru the roof.  So for those of you , like myself that want a legitimate  Natural Born United States Citizen as our Commander In Chief.  Lets stick with the facts.  Make believe wont cut it,.. The one point I should make here, is that the Obama , Imanual camp , could be the initiator of this story.  Nothing will turn conservatives off quicker than a bunch of lies.

Lets go to Joe Biden for a second.  There is a lot about Joe that I disagree with, especially his postition on the Lost Sea Treaty.  But here is a fact,,.. Joe is not a liar,. He speaks his mind,  doesnt beat around the bush, the problem is the left cant stand it and the Presidents team has a problem with the truth.  Thats really it in a nut shell.  Truth,  sometimes it hurts.

Consider this one truth about Joe,… His Net worth is less than 250K.   That means one thing for sure,  he has not been bought and paid for.  So for you democrats if you wanted Change,,,, maybe truth would have been better than what you settled for.

A Note about China,  Monday the China Government detained and quarantened 50  mexicans from a arriving flight, put them in white jump suits , and sent them back to Mexico.  Its apparent that China respects it Sovereignty, and its citizens and does not want the Mexican Swine Flu , in their country.

Now that the weather here has change, and thousands of illegals are flooding the border to  get here for Obama’s Amnesty,  what will the attitude be of Americans next fall when the Flu season cranks up again.  Its obvious to any thinking person that Obama, and the Democrats will sacrifice the American Citizens health for votes.  Americans you need to go to the border, form a human fence along the border.  The question is ,  Cris Simcox has been trying to get Americans down there for years.  At what point will we realize ,…  this is our country, we are going to have to fight for it,… If its true that Obama is not a naturalized U.S. Citizen, he will never seal that border. 

Ford:   Isnt it remarkable that Ford , the First American Major Car Company,.  Will be the Last American Car company Standing: My Hats off to Alan Mulally.  It took a Aircraft CEO to Save FORD!! Ford Fusion now 81 miles per gallon.  WOW.

Chrysler:  I have always been a Chrysler Fan,.  Grew up with Fords,  Went into business, selling Chrylser and GM Products,… I need another vehicle right now,.. But I will never buy a vehicle from a Company that is owned by the UAW or the Federal Government.  Done, its over,  CHrysler and GM, you may as well pack it up and close the doors, Because as far as Im concerned your history!!! My next vehicle will be a Nissan or a Honda,… Built in America by Non Union Labor.



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