The Arizona Sentinel

May 2, 2009

Biden Air Travel,Bush Mexican Swine Flu, Obama,goes for guns thru the back door.

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The Arizona Sentinel

 Before I get started here, just letting everyone know, Im going to the mountains for 7-10 days to get the brain waves lined up .

 Ok first,, Joe Biden , told the nation yesterday that he was advising his kids not to fly or get on a sub way. Immediately the Obama, backup team went to work to explain Joe’s remarks,.. Here’s a fact,.. If you want to catch the flu or a cold , get on an airplane or subway,.. Cant speak for a subway, but I can tell you that the air in a commercial aircraft gets replaced every so many seconds by an air cycle machine or some may call it an air exchanger. That air moves from front to rear, So if your a poor soul sitting in the rear of an airliner with a bunch of sick folks in front of you, guess what bubba, if your system is a bit weak , in 7-14 days after you arrive, your gonna get sick,… That’s coming from a 30 year pilot, Me, Whenever I flew commercially, I sat as far forward as possible.

Now about this border issue, this mexican swine flu has turned into a pandemic. 360 schools closed today,. Everyone should call the bush mansion in Dallas and thank him for setting us up for this BS out of Mexico. The following requires everyones participation. Mao Obama, intends to push a gun registration treaty, (CIFTA) some 12 years old, formerly pushed by that idiot Clinton. Which is a back door to gun control, which makes once again, Obama a liar. The Senator from Wyoming Senator John Barrasso has vowed to kill the legislation,… We all need to call his office in Wyoming that number is 307-772-2451 , and tell him we support his efforts,. Tell the staffer , your name, and the state you are from , and that your going to call your own state senator and tell them to kill the bill. Now In Arizona, I dont know what to tell you. Who knows what Kyl and McCain would do,.. I dont trust either one of them. But that dont prevent us all from emailing all the senators regardless of their state,.. You can find their email address’s on a link on the right side of this web site. There was good reason the senate shut this down in 1997 and those same reasons apply now more than ever. For more information on this unconstitutional treaty go to

this is the traitors that are supporting this ammo tagging nonsense=


click on this link to petition the removal of napolitano!!!!



If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.

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