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April 30, 2009

What do ya say we close our borders!!!!!

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What do you think folks should we close our borders now ,  wouldnt it be something if the so called World Health Organization , demanded that the Obama administration close the southern border. Mexican Swine Flu Virus has already spread around the world,.. The following was sent to me today by a friend,. Its great info , so check it out.   Im gonna say it again,, stay home, keep your kids out of school , and if your sick , for God sake dont go to work.   And do everything you can to boost your immune system.  Buy some of those little hand sanitizers ,and when you pay for something, if you get cash back , use the sanitizer,..  Money is filthy.   If you pay with a credit card ,  make the cashier use the stick to hit the OK on the card scanner. ,   Shopping carts are also filty, and by all means if your gonna be in a public place, wear a mask,..not just for your saftey sake but to send a message to bush,obama,and nappy, that we want these borders, closed 10 years ago.

Go to:   sign the petition to remove Janet  DA Napolitano from DHS.   She should have closed the borders the second after she was sworn in.

And thanks Dave for forwarding the following to The Arizona Sentinel

We’re only one level from an all-out government “will save us” protocol by Homeland Security to mobilize, contain, and enact presidential executive orders, too numerous to further scare you with, but the “doom and gloom” by this whacked-out government is proceeding faster than the speed of light. One child was brought-in from Mexico and died in a Houston hospital, and the governor of Texas went into overdrive, as he was expected to do…..
By Richard Perry declaring a disaster in Texas, the Janet (no other than) Napolitano has raised the threat level to level five. Her announcement, that it was too late to close down the border this past week, the first death for America happened on her watch.
In Switzerland, a courier transporting the deadly swine flu (variation) in vials on dry ice, (on a train no less) ran from the train, stopped at a station, when the container he was carrying exploded?? Authorities claim the dry ice caused the vials to explode and that nobody was hurt. Is that a first for dry ice and vials? (See link below)
How bad is this Swine Flu, oops….sorry, that is now politically incorrect…..can’t offend the pigs, or is it the birds, or that frozen dead guy they found a month ago imbedded in ice with a plague that seems to resemble this latest laboratory marvel. Well known talk show hosts and their guests, strongly believe the flu virus, a cocktail of unlikely connected sources, is a bio weapon developed for many reasons…..
We also have to wonder why Viviane Allan with the World Health Organization (WHO) is trying to tell media that reported deaths in Mexico are completely inaccurate, much less than reported.
Why is this flu virus originating in Mexico when all other flu viruses have started in Asia during October and November? “Why” is the question that is being obscured with hype never seen before, except for threats of terrorism that brought us 9/11 with a package of laws, a.k.a. the “Patriot Act” that was suspiciously written in detail within weeks after 9/11. What’s next? Forced inoculations at your local Wal*Mart?
Stay tuned…it’s gonna be a tough one for all, mentally and physically. Tell your loved ones you love them forever, take your vitamin C & D, wash your hands, and YOU decide if you should allow this government to save you from the sky that seems to be falling at free fall speed. By the way…Baxter won the contract to develop (in a hurry) a flu vaccine for everyone. Note…Baxter was the company that sent vaccine to Europe recently, tainted with (combined) H3N2 and H5N1 avian flu…”by mistake.” 
Just some food for thought…… 
“In 1976, due to an outbreak of influenza at Fort Dix, New Jersey, the United States set a precedent in immunology by attempting to vaccinate the entire population of the country against the possibility of a swine-type Influenza A epidemic. While a great many people were successfully immunized in a very short period of time, the National Influenza Immunization Program (NIIP) quickly became recognized as a failure, one reason being that the feared epidemic never surfaced at all. But this massive undertaking deserves more analysis than just a simple repudiation. For example, all evidence linked to the pathology, microbiology, and historical cycle of influenza and the outbreak at Fort Dix suggests that the reactions of the scientists and other personnel involved in the NIIP were correct. However, one must also acknowledge the many complications and misjudgments that plagued the program after its initiation, from biological difficulties, logistical problems, to tensions with the media. The swine flu is a historical event that needs to be evaluated, regarding both its successes and its failures, so that lessons can be learned for future immunization programs.”
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