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April 27, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu, who’d a thunk it?

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The Arizona Sentinel
This past week, Obama had a timely visit.  Prompted by political foolishness in Washington. First, let me say this, I am totally infavor of a Truth Commission to investigate the Bush Administration, but not for the reasons of all the noise being made regarding our interrogation methods used to extract information necessary to prevent attacks on American Soil.  Those Americans involved in that work, were angles compared to the treatment Danny Pearl received.
A truth commission should be put in place to investigate the conspiracy, that was obvious between the bush administration, the former Attorney General, Roberto Gonzalez,the U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, and the mexican president, Vincenti Fox and current mexican president Calderon.  As to the fraudulent prosecution of Ramos and Compean. 
Swine Flu.  Eighty-one mexicans have died from Swine Flu, 20 cases are in the U. S as of this writing, Now, Is there a possibility that someone will recognize that maybe its time to seal our southern border. This Virus came across the border!
Is this the pandemic that many of us have feared and forcasted for the last 8.5 years? 
If you have never been to Mexico, and in the rural areas, you have no appreciation for the environmental conditions of their agricultural, livestock and the conditions that they live with. Living with a pig, cant be real healthy. I have been and it is simply put filthy.  Those illegals that come across our borders, come from poor rural areas and  have never had a physical exam. We have no idea, what diseases are coming across our borders everyday, everyhour seven days per week.  Come on Obama Wake ,think outside of the beltway!!!!
Maybe this will be the catalyst that will rally Americans, if enough Americans get sick and die, maybe, just maybe, they will demand that our borders be sealed. If this virus gets into the Universities and College Campus’s it will spread like crazy,.  Ironic  since that group of folks want the borders open.  And once it hits the socialist in French Canada, they will raise holy hell.  In watching the Washington beuaracrats this Sunday morning, its obvious that they are going to dance around the obvious issue, Border Security.
Napolitano , speaking this morning, it is obvious that she is in denial. Either ignorance, stupidity, plagues this woman, in her attempt to placate her relationship with LaRAZA in her attempt to insure future illegal voters. She said there would be inspections at the border. Heres the question, are they going to put the National Guard on the Border to prevent, infected illegals from entering the country???? Is anyone down there handing out face masks, to the Border Patrol and Minutemen.
Suggestion : Stay home.
Do not let your children attend a public school.  We will never be told the truth, , but there is no doubt that this Swine Flu virus, came thru the border. For example, illegals coming thru the desert run out of water, they wind up drinking water from cattle ponds that are all over the desert , in somecases they fill their bottles with that same water, and drink in while moving north.  We find bottles laying on trails and in layups with dirty brown water. This problem was inevitable.  Another reason, that I want Bush,Fox,Calderon investigated.     
This week Obama had a timely visitor.  The King of Jordan, King Abdullah.  Two issues that were timely, and I believe Abdullah was sent here to put some solid advice into the ears of Obama. First we saw Obama flip flop on the prosecution of the Bush Administration Lawyers on Friday. Its with little doubt that King Abdullah does not want that box opened.  I suspect that the good King, told our King that, it would endanger Jordan and expose issues that would damage Jordan in the region. 
Its no secret that the leadership in Jordan and the Bush family have had close ties for decades,
Secondly, I suspect that King Abdullah , was testing Obama’s passion regarding the up and coming  Israeli, Iranian conflict.
Has Obama abandoned Isreal?  The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will not allow Iran to develop a nucleur weapon.
The Jordanian King, ultimately will have no choice but to support the Isreali position. Jordan and Egypt and Iraq, must get involved with the Iranian Nucleur Issue. It is in their backyard. While Obama is talking to Armadimajhad, the Isreali, Jordanian, Egyptian jets will be in the air.   Fiction maybe.
Go to :  sign the petition to force Obama to fire, Janet DA Napolitano from DHS. She should have closed our borders the second after she was sworn in.  Its time for her to go!!!!!
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