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April 22, 2009

Remember those Dirt Devils

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The Arizona Sentinel
The political winds this Wednesday remind me of those dirt devils that we as kids used to run and try to get in the middle of. Now though, the entire country is in the middle of the largest DIRT DEVIL in American History and folks from every sector of America are running from the core of this whirlwind.  There is so much going on that this old Okies brain is spinning out of control. But it is spinning in the right direction.
 Like Ive said many times, eventually, time will fix problems one way or the other.
First: Great News, A miacopa has been exposed. Senator Feinstein the holier than thou Senator from California, did I mention that she is a socialist democrat. Has in short been accused of bribing the FDIC, with legislation that moved 25 Billion dollars to the FDIC, resulting in a multi million dollar contract between her husbands real estate company and the FDIC. The question is at this writing is , which came first the 25 Billion or the  the contract with FDIC ,to sell foreclosed properties at higher commission rates than normal, up to 30% in some cases.   Now lets remember the two Republicans congressmen that went to jail during the bush administration for bribes and kick backs. What goes around comes around.  The Senate Ethics committee should be in session today, looking in to this development.
Now the really good news is this anti constitution senator, made the statement the other day that she was going to wait for the perfect time, day and hour, then she would go after the Second Amendment and our God Given right to carry and bear Arms.
Well, God must have been listening, because this woman has more problems, than we could have even prayed for. Plus the Ninth Circuit Court on Monday told her that the 2nd Amendment stands.  Feinstein is done. She should be forced to resign, and charges filed for fraud and conspiracy, plus the individuals or individual at FDIC that played a role in this fraud on the American People must be exposed and fired by Sheila Bair. And if she was involved she should go to jail.  Feinstein your finished!!!!! Go to Jail and no 200 passing go. Feinstein your tyranny on the American people is over.
Now we learn about Congresswoman Jane Harman in an alleged miacopa caught on a National Security Agency wire tap, with a suspect in a espionage case, and a member of the AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), attempting to lobby the bush administration AG to look the other way, in an espionage case against two Israeli lobbyist offering to use her influence to get criminal charges reduced, while asking the agent to lobby Senator Nancy Pelosi for a Chairmanship on the House Intel committee.  A key point her is this, Congresswoman Jane Harman and Nancy Pelosi have bumped heads before, Going back even before Pelosi became Speaker.  Their feud was made public again after Pelosi became speaker and refused to grant Harman the Chairman’s seat on the National Intelligence committee, This is a rehash of an ongoing issue between the two. Pelosi will of course will deny , But she Pelosi has no credibility.  The rife between the two was that Harman supported the Bush Wiretap after 911 and Pelosi did not.  Having watched Jane Harmon all these years, I have always found her support for America, stellar.  Certainly cannot say that about Pelosi. Pelosi is a traitor plain and simple.
Now for some really great news.  Cris Simcox, founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, is going to run for the United States Senate in 2010. He will be running against amnesty, open borders john mccain. Recently mccain has been blabbering about the border issue, but lets not fall for his sudden interest in the border security, America we cannot allow this amnesty politically correct politician to spend another 6 years in Washington.
So Im going to do something I rarely do, I am going to ask that everyone that loves this country to get behind the Simcox campaign. Cris was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, nor did he marry for money.  I have attached the link for his campaign here, please go and send his campaign what every you can.  Now in full disclosure, I know Chris, I vel been out on night watch with Chris, but the only horse I have in this campaign in electing a man that will work every day he is in office for the security of this nation.  GO to  His campaign phone number is 1 (480) 621-5399.
Now , and this is important, Cris will be running on the Republican ticket.  This blog now goes all over the world.  This is not a Repulbican or Democrat issue , this is a national security issue. In fact this issue is a major problem in Europe also. The first thing we must remember is what the Republican Party did two years ago, they underfunded, and stabbed two strong border security candidates in the back, And mccain was a part of that. So we cannot depend on the Republican party. Note: I have not discussed this with Cris Simcox.  So here is the challenge, to all freedom loving Americans.  Send your support to Cris. We cannot let this opportunity slip by.  Also, those of you in Europe that are fighting illegal alien issues in your states such as Spain and Italy,France. For those of you in Europe, email me at ( and I will explain, how a Senator Simcox can have a positive,effect on your problems.  I know this because I have spent time with film crews (2) down on the border, attempting to learn about the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp Organization.  You need to get on board also. With the Internet, you to can publically support the Simcox Campaign.  And finally every American and Arizonian needs to get involved, not only with your donations, but with your public support, If you have a blog web site, or send out emails like Im doing along with our blog,  attach the Simcox web site to your mail and tell your readers to get on board. 
We have a window of opportunity and it is the next 18 months. The obama administration and his congressional leadership are coming apart at the seams.  And here is just a sample list:
Geitner, Paulson, Bailout , taxpayer funds to GM AIG and others, gone. More on Geitner tomorrow.
Barbara Feinstein , Bribery, conflict of interest,miacopa what ever you want to call it, corruption.
Janet Napolitano, DHS fiasco, open borders, amnesty, 2nd amendment issues.  And lying to the American people. Janet your days in government are going to end soon.
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, telling the Obama Administration and Eric Holder, that the 2nd Amendment means what it says and says what it means and basically, butt out.
33 States either are or have passed 10th ammendment legislation telling the Obama Administration and career beuaracrats to butt out.
Tea Parties all over America, telling the Obama Administration to knock off the spending. And everytime Obama leaves the country to speak he angers more and more Americans.
Kathleen Sebelius,, another non tax paying democrat cabinet nominee, its no wonder,Liberal Democrats like raising taxes, they dont pay them. Notice I said Liberal. 
America has woke up, we are mad as hell and we are not gonna take it anymore. 
Lets keep those dirt devils spinning.
Long Live the Constitution!!!!
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