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April 21, 2009

The Chilling affect of the Obama Administration

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The Arizona Sentinel
Over the past several weeks, we have seen this administration  make several political,policy,mis steps.  And in fact, this president has on several occasions flip flopped on promises that he campaign on.  The most recent fopa, was the administration saying that they were not going to reopen NAFTA.
 There is a lot of angst amongst the talking heads as to why we are not seeing more interest in borrowing money for business, and industrial loans.  I believe the answer is simple.
This administration is doing one of two things. Either it is intentionally shooting the American economy in its foot, or it is simply because of in experience and incompetence and making accidental screw ups, resulting in the lack of confidence in this administration.
Recent comments by what’s her face at DHS, The President himself making false statements about the numbers of the weapons winding up in Mexico from the U.S.  Its not 90% its, 15%.  And all we have to do to stop all of that traffic is to seal the border.  DUH.  No one in this administration is being honest or candid with the American people.
This fella obama, is drinking a lot of yellow Kool Aid!.  As our so called Commander in Chief,,,(I just got a cramp in my hand) is doing exactly opposite of what we in the military are instructed to do when on foreign soil.
“Do not embarrass your country”   At every opportunity this fella Obama has shamed my country while on foreign soil.
I have no problem with him shaking the hand of the likes of Chavez or Noreiga.  However when he opens his mouth, he makes himself look like a coward and a fool in the eyes of the many friends of America in the Latin Americas and around the world. It puts the question in their mind. And it is simply this. Is America going to saddle up with dictators, and vacate the relationship with the rest of us? Can we trust this man? When he speaks is he telling the truth. 
So Mr. President, when you are wondering why there is no demand from Americans for the funny money you and bush put into the banks, Its simple, they dont trust you your administration  or any member of congress on either side of the isle. Therefore that means that the federal government from top to bottom is a failure. So who would invest in a country managed by a failed government? NOONE!!!
Now the for the good news,.  I almost flipped over backwards when I heard about this!!! The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said yesterday that the 2nd Ammendment stands and that states can not create their own gun laws:
Judge Ron Gould said and I quote ” The right to bear arms is a bulwark against external invasion. That we have a lawfully armed populace adds a measure of security for all of us, and makes it lesss likely that a band of terrorist could make headway in an attack on any community”  The court went on to say that the 2nd Ammendment to the Constitution is a fundamental right. 
This is just a guess but , lets examine this recent court decision.
Is it possible, that Judge Gould and the members of the court , recognize the threat and indeed dangerous situation that California finds itself. There is no one in leadership positions ,with the kahunnas to fix the problem.  California is broken, it is a failed state, the current action hero governor, has failed to act responsibly to save his state. Therefore the Judge and the Court realize that at some time in the future their lives will be threatened by ,gangs, illegal alien invasion. Wait , that is already happening!!!!! The recent bailout money sent to California, was nothing more than throwing money done a sink hole. Within the next six months their deficit will reach 8 billion dollars,.  I believe Arnold should go to Mexico City for his next source of funding. And stop bothering the rest of the country with his failed government policies.  Note: Arizona are you listening??? 
Added to all the financial problems in Mexifornia is the lack of water.
There are millions of illegal aliens and gang members in California.
Lets just pick a number,. lets say that there are 10 million illegals in California using 20 gallons of water everyday. My math says that there are 200 million gallons of water being used by people that should not be there.  Personally Im for giving California to Mexico.
That may be the only way we will ever elect a true Conservative to the White House.  The state is currently undergoing a drought and farmers, the life blood of America are not planting 100s of thousands of acres into food production.  Nature will solve the over population in California,. If you have too many people sucking up the natural resources of a state or country, eventually , you will reach critical mass. The mayor of Las Angeles , fella your an idiot. You and Arney must drink from the same trough.
The Judge and the Ninth Circuit court recognize this, too late, but it is what it is.
California has 11.5 million unemployed , does anyone see the connections here besides me?
MY hats off to the Ninth Circuit Court for finally pulling their head out from under the tent.  Here’s my question, how many of the Justices are packing??
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  1. They just keep coming – every day and night by the thousands.

    See current videos of illegal aliens coming across the border – taken by
    hidden trail cams.


    Comment by deadzone — April 21, 2009 @ 8:51 pm

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