The Arizona Sentinel

April 18, 2009

Conservatives owe Obama a thankyou

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The Arizona Sentinal


 You, know if you just wait long enough things have a way of getting it right. Many here in Arizona were praying, keeping their fingers crossed that Obama would take Napolitano to Washington, and sure enough he did. I wrote Obama’s transition team and suggested that she would make a good ambassador for Somalia. Well, he went even one better and made her top cop in the Department of Homeland Security. Why was that better, well, look at this recent so-called assessment were she accuses right minded conservatives as terrorist. The results I hope will be that the Democrats in Congress, both houses will demand her resignation. If they don’t the mid term elections will blow them all away. Because many Conservative, Veteran, Democrats will not put up with this idiot pushing her North American Union agenda down the road. Napolitano needs to join the unemployment rolls. She has no pension folks, and I for one dont want to pay for one. Lets get rid of her before she becomes more of a threat to our country. America you must remember where this idiot was before her move to Arizona to run for Governor, She was the legal counsel for the Anita Hill fiasco during the Justice Thomas confirmation hearings. Which was a disgrace and a black mark on America? Obama has allowed his vetters to bring in people that will in the end or destroy his administration. Im going to stick with my prediction, that with in the first two years of Obama, members of his own congressional party will be demanding his resignation. His recent actions and words on foreign shores are an embarrassment to all Americans. The American Legion and VFW are stepping up and letting their voice be heard in defiance DHS and of this administration. Isn’t it fascinating, that the left, socialist, wing of the democratic party are just furious that they have been upstaged by solid Americans complaining about a runaway government. I find it interesting that the crowds last week were of legal Americans, What it pointed out to me was that the only crowds that the left wing socialist can gather are of illegal aliens mixed with ACORN and LARAZA. The distinction is striking. And for all you parents and grand parents that get this, you need to point that out to your college students that voted for socialism. One more point about the DHS document. If the Federal Government wants a social, civilian problem, producing anti American documents will get the job done. Apparently you havnt learned anything from history. Tyranny by an over reaching federal government will not be tolerated in America. The states, now 33 are standing up and more will follow, sending the message that you, the federal government are in power because the states have given you that power which they can then take away. You in Washington work for the states, The states do not work for you, You will do as states say or they will retract that power. Texas Gov has voiced the views of now those 33 states. The next two years are going to be great for America. The Revolution is in its second phase. First we had to renounce the Republicans, the Democrats are next. Long Live the Constitution FEDUPREPVET The Third Party Movement is on the Move

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