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April 17, 2009

Obama goes to Mexico

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The Arizona Sentinel

You have to say one thing for Obama , he likes to travel. Lets hope this trip to mexico is more productive than his G-20 summit. Hopefully he wont bow to this fella Calderon. I hope that Obama will be able to see thru the fraud that the Mexican governments have been spewing for the past 40 years.  One issue that should pop out above others is this emphasis over the assault weapons ban. The Mexican Attorney General is quoted as saying that the United States needs to do more to stop the sale of guns, not just the transport.
Well first of all , the transport issue is a total fabrication. Most of these weapons that the cartels are using are brought in from China, Russia, Venezuela ,Guatemala and other countries south of Mexico.  He goes on to say that “For Mexico, the number one priority is guns, the number 2 issue is guns and the number 3 issue is guns”.    Here is why he wants to get rid of the guns.
You see before the MS.13 and other South American Country gangs got involved the mexicans had the drug trade all to themselves. They allowed no guns so there were few situations in the movement of maryjo and meth.  And the political leaders were able to skim off the top of the drug trade with impunity until someone got ticked off and went public and then the so called corrupt politician would be made a escape goat and the rest would continue doing what they were doing. But now its a different story, the mexicans politicians are competing with the likes of MS-13. And guess what they have the guns.   So you ask how do you know.  Well listen up!!!
In the early 70’s when I first started selling aircraft , we were selling light single engine aircraft to American pilots, mostly back from Viet Nam,. They were flying household appliances, mostly air conditioners, small refrigerators, and stoves, like you see in RV’s and small campers into mexico.  At night mostly , below radar in to strips for cash,..  The local politicians and law enforcement were involved.
Some so called honest mexican cops would try to shoot the aircraft down especially on the way in so as to capture the load.(Remember civilians in mexico cant have guns).  I know because some of the aircraft we took back in trade had holes in them.  
They want the guns gone thinking that Gangs and Cartels will then leave , and the mexicans can have there drug trade back all to themselves. Its Elementary Watson!!!!!
Vincente Fox and this fella Calderon have and are playing the U.S. Federal government for fools,.. And rightfully so , because at least until we see what Obama does when he comes back.  Will we know if he took a bite of the same apple that bush did. We will see if Obama can, you know, look into Calderons eyes and see his soul. Obama had the good sense to stop funding the mexican junk truck program that bush and peters shoved down our throats. Only God knows what came into the country in those mexican trucks. Rumors are there is a new program in the works,.. I hope it involves getting rid of Nafta .
Calderon says that Mexico is not a failed state. Here is the truth bud, your country failed a long time ago,. Why else do millions of your citizens risk their lives to get on the northern side of the border, other than to take control of the United States. Its one or the other you pickit. 
And if there was any money to be had in Mexico the drug cartels wouldn’t bother with the U.S.  After all we have all the guns. You go where the money is!!! 
Calderon has been putting up a good front in a so called drug war. But so has the U.S..  Bottom line if either one of these countries wanted to end the drug war they could have done it 30 years ago.  Money, Money, Money, and corrupt paid for politicians, law enforcement personnel.  Doubt any of this just go back and start reading papers of 10-20-30 years ago.

Here is what Obama should offer Calderon,.  A fleet of U.S. Army , Marine Black Hawk choppers operating with a 10 mile area south of the border.  With orders ” Shoot to Kill”  Locate , Identify, when it moves Kill it.” . We reduced the use of aircraft in the 70’s’80’s and  90’s with the force down technic’s used by DEA and Customs pilots,.  I always wanted to go to work flying for DEA, but couldn’t leave the business.

If we are going to turn this country around, we are going to have to , grow, or produce it here first. We are going to have manufacture it and sell it here first. Whats left over can leave the country.  We are going to be going thru a massive scaling back in every sector of the economy.  Over the next three quarters we are going to continue to see unemployment numbers at record levels,. And many business’s will be closing at will or due to bankruptcy.  All because of cheap , easy money. Unfortunately we haven’t learned our lesson because again, the fed is keeping rates at a “lets do it all over again” level.  Now that America has realized that whoops we totally screwed up the 08 elections,. The mid terms will bring the country back to the middle.  The old corrupt politicians will go into the history books and fresh new blood will come in and stop the insanity.  XXXXXX  The good news is millions of illegals and immigrants will leave the country on their own.  With luck somewhere between 50 and 100 million will go home. And at some point , probably after the mid term elections the printing press will come to a grinding STOP!
Someone sent me an email today saying that Arizona Senators McCain and Kyle were asking for the National Guard on the border. Well whooptido,. Where the hell have they been the last twenty years , especially the last eight. Like everything else with these two late comers, there time for leadership has come and gone.
I also heard that Napolitano was considering moving the guard to the border, in her defense she did ask bush for that when she was Arizona’s top dog.  So, Im gonna have to eat some humble pie if she does her job and puts some uniforms on the border.  The question I have is , if she uses any returning vets from Iraq, how will she screen out the terrorist and right wing wacko’s. :(((

Mr. President , I know some of your folks are reading my babble, tell them to take the time to watch the border videos. Under the Must watch videos.  Showing the drug cartel and gang members, the women and small kids that are making their way thru the desert, risking,hypothermia,death,dysentary, rape,snake bite or lunch for the mountain lions. Not to mention the tons of trash, that they leave all over the place, and the damage they to do private property, that you are sworn to protect.  You never hear about those but they are happening. And hey I like the high speed rail plan, lets get our budget balanced and then go for it. 😦


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