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April 16, 2009

April 15th 2009 A Great Day for Americans

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The Arizona Sentinel
Americans have finally woke up. April 15th 2009 will be a date to remember in the history of America.  Myself and thousands of folks around the country have been waiting impatiently for the Awakening of the American citizen. Yesterday will be known as the day Americans finally said,” We are mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore”.  And you can bet that the Congress and the Senate were listening. 
Ive, gotta give , Glen Beck an All American Thankyou you did a fantastic job yesterday, and I thankyou. Ted Nugent, what an American hero, the message and music were right on target. “You speak the language,my friend”  Fox news you should be proud.
 Over the next 18 months,. We have got to put this frustration to good use.  We need everyone to seek out and find , strong fiscal conservatives, that can not be bought, to run for every house and senate seat that will be up in 2012. Remember, this it is critical. In the Senate unlike the House it is more difficult to ramrod communistic bills thru, the minority has more abilities to stop bad legislation. Unlike in the House they Pelosi, can just run right over the minority.  In Arizona the mccain seat will be up, we have got to replace him, with a true, conservative,and a candidate that will stand up for our sovereignty, namly our borders. Someone that wont just give a bunch of lip service to voters, but will do exactly what he says. mccain has got to go. And any other
member regardless of their state, look at their record, if they voted for any part of amnesty,TARP or this socalled stimulus, GET RID OF THEM PERIOD. Doesnt matter how pretty they are or how smooth a talker they are, GETTEM GONE. LETS ROLL, FOLKS TIME IS MONEY, OUR MONEY,OUR FUTURE, OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!
Yesterday had another positive event that I have been waiting for for over 30 years. Ever since Ragan started talking about getting rid of the IRS,.. I have been pushing the idea of a national sales tax. Some years ago , when Steve Forbes was running for the White House, I was scared to death that he would manage to see his favorite change come about , namely the Flat Tax. Two things are wrong with the Flat tax,. Namely this,.
First,we (citizens) would still have a overbloated agency, called the Internal Revenue Service to deal with every April 15th.
Second , it does nothing to address the underground economy. Example: paying workers cash, employing illegal aliens and then seeing that money leave the country. Additionally there are 40 million Americans living here sucking up services that pay no income taxes. And the rest of us subsidize their lazy ass.
As for the Fair tax go to and study, First: Filing taxes everyyear would be over.
Second, there would be no taxes paid on goods and services until the point of retail sale. The positive impact on business’s, would be enormous. In almost every case the cost of the product at point of sale would come down.  No burdensome paperwork on employer’s for employees, no time wasted on government nonsense. No threat of a audit, no audits period. Third and this is critical, Everyone pays, no exception, even the 40 million illegal aliens, thats counting the 12 million babies, just in the last two years. 
Finally yesterday, the Fair Tax took off, and there was no push hardly a  mention of this stupid Flat Tax. Neil Boortz, Mike Huckabee, (who I would have voted for if he hadnt allowed foreigners, and illegals,to receive instate tuition in Arkansas while he was Governor” . Anyway they are both pushing the Fair Tax,. Gingrich is coming around. As is Shawn Hannity, Glen Beck is on board with the Fair Tax.
We have a envelope of opportunity and the time is now,.You can be assured that Geitner and Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the other socialist in the house and senate oh and can you imagine all the CEO’s and board members of CBS,NBC,ABC<CNN sitting there watching their viewership and ratings go into the dumpster as they saw those tea parties yesterday.You can rest assured that it scared the pants off of them.
By the way CNN, you really screwed up yesterday with that Susan whoever, in Chicago,. If your smart you’ll give her a pink slip in the morning.
One more issue here and then I’ll shut up.  A lot of noise has been made about this Department of Homeland Security Threat assessment that surface this passed week. All of us that are fed up with the federal government and our state,and county governments are now considered terrorist. And as of yesterday, I suspect Napolitano was out in the parking lots all over America writing down license tags numbers for her list. Millions of Americans yesterday became terrorist. You have to ask your self why would a bunch of employees in the department of homeland(where the hell did that come from anyway, this isnt germany) security,. Well I’ll tell you why because they dont want to lose their power over the American people. They want us to remain good little munchens and do what we are told. The truth be known this document that surfaced was written by employees of a Agency.  I can tell you with out question, that the DHS workers in the field the people that are working everyday to do their jobs , do not see the Americans that are fed up with Government waste,fraud,and uncontrolled spending as a threat.  But you can be sure of is that that they understand that if they pull another Randy Weaver, or Waco that there will be hell to pay.  Americans will not tolerate another Janet Reno fiasco.
Yesterday was fantastic, as I was watching the tea parties all over the country, I was first proud to be an American. I was thankful that I have lived long enough to see it.  And I vow that I will do what ever I can (with in the laws of land) to help change the faces and policies in Washington. We will make every attempt to save this Republic peacefully. But we will save it.
The Beginning is NOW!!! And Rick Santelli of CNBC, You Kicked the Can!!!!!
FEDUPREPVET, there is now light at the end of the tunnel!!

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