The Arizona Sentinel

April 14, 2009

Pirates are onboard my country!!

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The Arizona Sentinel
Ok this is a message for obama,clinton,napolitano. I know your monitoring this blogs site so listen up. Let me point out to you the similarities between what Captain Phillips and his crew just went thru and what the American People are going thru.
Is it possible that you can see that these pirates,(illegal aliens) invaded and have been invading ships (my Country) so as to receive a ransom from the owners(taxpayers) of these ships, (my country),.
Finally these Pirates kidnapped a U.S.Flagged vessel and its Captain. And Our Navy was not going to allow this to go on.
So the question is , why does the American federal government allow the continuation of the piracy of illegal aliens from all over the world to come thru our borders and demand ransom from American treasure and its taxpayers.
Maybe we have been looking in the wrong place for the solution to our countries piracy problems,.. We have been concentrating on the Border Patrol ,and attempting to get the National Guard down there,.. As an EX Navy, fella ,,, lets fix this deal and put the Navy down there,. Anchors Away!!!!!!
Bottom Line here is this, If the Navy was in charge of our borders, instead of you losers in Washington,. We would be a debt free, crime free, drug free, country. You will disagree, but frankly I don’t give a dam. Your treason and incompetency is disgusting.

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