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April 14, 2009

Obama’s Economic Speech Today

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The Arizona Sentinel
Today , President Obama, gave a speech at Georgetown University.  I recorded the speech and have listened to it twice.  Here are my thoughts: First, Let me point out an issue that must be considered in this period of the Obama Administration.  This President has been handed a country, that has multiple problems, from a variety of sectors.  Obama has been criticized over and over for taking on to many of these issues. Let me try to make a couple of points here.  First, I have ran several business’s. In doing that, there are always multiple problems that come up.  If you are going to be sucessful you must attack those problems immediately and with determination.  
Second to operate a sound business, you must have a variety of sources of income flow.  In my case I tried to keep at least five sources going at the same time.  Some times one or two would fail due to market fluctuation, and I would have to move into a different, source or type of income.  Many of my friends critisized me for having to many things going at one time.  In the end my model worked.  Obama has many sources of income, he must maximize the effectiveness of all of them.
So having said all that I understand , in watching Obama , what I think he is trying to accomplish. Im going to give him some deference here so bear with me.  Obama has been put in charge, and from all appearances he is going to take the challange and run with it. 
Every president since I can remember has been either credited or discredited for our nations economy during their term.  We also know that in no time 4 years will have come and gone.  Regardless of what you think of Obama, Im certain he does not wake up every morning thinking how he can screw up this country more everyday.
Here is what I sense in Obama,. He has taken on all of these issues. He has brought in many advisors , listened to their advice, and in the end, he wil make up his own mind as to what to do. At some point we are going to have to take him at his word. He is going to try to solve the problems that he can.  His comments the other day about going after this pirate problem was needed and long over due,. Its my hope that he will see the relativeness between what is happening on the high seas and what is happening on our borders.  Maybe just maybe that will be the trigger that will tell him its time to put the military on the border,. Follow the Eisenhower border policy.
Another issue here is this,. In his speech today he spoke of the fact that our problems did not happen over night, and the creators of our problems, came from government and private sector flawed policies. Wall Street, Banks, Mortgage Brokers and Washington. Bottom line here is looking at these issues from a CEO’s position. If the leaders of these economic and political sectors, cant properly manage their related interests. He , Obama will do it for them.  We may not like some of his methods , but at the end of the day, “Its the economy stupid and its his baby.” He will either make it worse or better.  He wont be able to completly fix it because of all the socalled toxic assets that are still out there and coming our way over the next several quarters. What I would like to see him do is let the banks fail. And move on.
All we can do is get ready be prepared because this aint over.
His speech today was what I would refer to as a ,mild, tempered but stearn,tounge lashing.  And it was long over due.  If in fact he ,does as he said and he goes thru the budget line by line and eliminates the junk in the budget that should have been eliminated years ago,. That cant happen soon enough.  His emphasis on our energy policy is long over due,.. We have had decades to get it done and failed.  So we  have a president that is going to force action thru policy.  Getting it done thru Cap and Trade will cost consumers a lot of money.  But getting off of foreign oil is critical for the economy of America. 
Obama is taking a lot of heat , for throwing good money after bad,. We have to remember folks, bush, paulson,bernanke,and geitner started this bailout nonsense.  They opened this can of worms.  
Im hoping that this guy is just enough of a fox , that he will look at views from way out there on the left, but when he makes up his mind he will move towards a policy that will have long term, conservative economic benifits for the country.  Remember, the budget that he has suggested  has spending out the wazu. But Congress is the check. The problem is we have some really sorry people today in Congress so we have to force the Blue Dog Democrats to stand up to Ried and Pelosi. I believe he pushed  it all in to see what would stick. Im hoping that this fella has a plan.   I’m convinced that Obama is extremley smart.  Unlike the idiot we just got rid of. 
I want this country to have sound fiscal policy. I want this country to secure its borders and ports.  I want the invasion of our borders to stop. I want e-verify to be put in place. I want Obama to go after Nafta , like he said he would during the campaign. These alone would save the country hundreds of billions of dollars. Not to mention the stress relief it would bring to all legal Americans. Obama, favorability ratings would go thru roof. In todays speech he said he wanted people to make things, invent. He is going to have to created a climate that will encourage people to do just that.  I want Obama to think Americans first. 
When In my view hes right Im gonna say so. When he’s wrong, he’s wrong and I will say so .  I do not like what he did to GM,. That was wrong.  But Rick Wagoner should have never accepted the government loan. Ron Paul is correct, GM should have filed bankruptcy in Oct of O8.   And the states should not accept bailout, taxpayers debt,fiat paper from the federal government. 
It is also my hope that he forces the G20 member states to step up in providing their own security .  Its time for the World to stop sucking off the U.S. Taxpayers teat.  Close the 150 bases in foreign countries and bring the troops home,. Get the boots off the ground in Afghanistan. Bin Laden is more than likely living in the U.S. anyway. Tell your justice department to go after the criminals involved in the WTC collapse. 
Remember Mr. Obama, if you fail, Sarah will be there in 2012. If that doesnt motivate you nothing will.

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