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April 12, 2009

Easter will outlast us all!

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The Arizona Sentinel
Happy Easter everyone. Todays post will be just a bit different. Today I want to go where I seldom go. To the upside. The highroad, And here is why, We spend a lot of time, worrying about stuff that we know are wrong headed, But we forget that there is a place we can go where all these negatives cant touch us. As a Christian, I know that thru it all, failed government, policies that border on insanity, we have one simple solace that gets us thru each day.  Faith. Easter reminds us that when its all said and done, God, went the extra mile, with his only son, To prove to each and every one of us, that in the end, the one thing left standing will be our God, standing next to him will be our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and they will be standing in the Church.
So my friends rest assured that no matter what happens, keep the faith,
Here is an example of what I mean: This morning one of my readers send me a Department of Homeland Security Document, that in a nut shell says that those of us that are opposed to the direction of our country. Are possible threats to the government and the stability of the country.  Nothing could be further from the truth or the facts. In my view what we are doing is screaming at the top of our lungs, trying to make the point that as a country we are time after time in the last three or four administrations doing everything they can to undermine the Greatness of our Christian Nation.  Thats right, we are a Christian Nation, and for an elected leader to go to a foreign land and deny that is nothing short of Judas of Iscariot denying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.
At first when I heard obama make those statements I was furious. I have to admit I had some hope for this administration at the beginning.  But the CHANGE that we were looking for is worse than the Same OL’ Same OL’ in the bush administration.
There was a lot of talk during the campaign, that we were going to have to go thru a obama administration before Americans would wake up. The good news is I believe they are waking up.
As for the threat that DHS, is proposing in the attached document. And will also be posted on my blog site. Here are some thought. First, I believe they are focusing on the wrong people. The largest threat to stability in the United States is the Invasion of our borders and ports.  We now have a country that has been infiltrated by millions of humans, many of which are good people, I know I have met some of them on the border, however they are still criminals, Many of them are also victims, of lies told to them and their families, of a great, bright future that they will see if they give them money. And if they will just carry backpacks with drugs into the United States, my country.
If the Department of Homeland Security wants to guarantee civll stability, they should secure the borders, enforce our laws, make e-verify the standard for employment. And make sure that the media, even CBS and NBC , Heraldo,”this guy makes my hair hurt”.
They must make sure that they show the American people that they are going to do their jobs and live up to their oath of office. 
I believe this, that number one WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION! We are being threatened by nothing less than the Romans throwing the Christians in to the Lions Den trying to destroy them. But look where we are today. The largest growing religious sector in the world today is Christianity.
I want to speak a bit about the piracy off the coast of Africa,.. Here is the question,.. Why would anyone launch a ship in troubled waters with out security measures in place.  The word from the media is that it is cheaper to pay these ransoms.  Folks those ransom costs are built into shipping fees and we , pay those ransoms in the form of a tax on the products we buy. 
First, these ships should be armed at all times. And any attempt at a hijacking should be dealt with no different that someone breaking into your home or business, with swift, deliberate action. Destroy the vessel, and those in it,. Simple, its Elementary Watson.
And Great News Captain Richard Phillips is safe and the highjacker have been Killed . GO NAVY!!!!
Second, In America today as Americans we have stopped spending ,. We are demonstating that we have one very affective way of solving problems such as this issue and others such as the borders, and the actions recently taken by the bush administration and now the obama administration. And that is with our purse, We have stopped spending, Oh I know the reports the other day about Retail Sales were up .06 percent, But guess what folks, that was us Christians wanting to buy a new dress or shirt and tie to look our best on Easter Morning.
While IM on the economy, one of my favorite subjects, We had a bump in the market last week, and thats good for some folks but doesn’t do a thing for the two out of three that have no interest in stocks.  We still have as reported by Fox just this morning some 3-4 trillion dollars in bad loans, unsecured loans still out there and many are coming due this quarter and next.  In my view the DOW is still facing a bottom, the number in this farmboys head is 3500. The key to a turn around will be if Congress stands up and prevents the budgets debts that Obama is proposing.  If they don’t, I predict two things will happen.
First, Before that happens I predict that China will refuse to buy our IN GOD WE TRUST. Heres a thought, China does not believe in God, but they have been buying  our money, thats interesting huh?  Currency.Second, before the end of the first two years, I believe that public sentiment, will be so anti obama that he will be force to resign, providing of course that the Supreme court doesn’t act in the mean time to vacate his election.  Unless this Supreme Court wants to risk, a Usurper , and their legacy in disgrace, they will ultimately take this issue to conference.
Third and Final point: It is obvious that a major number of Democrats liberal and conservative are taking a walk on obama.
He is in short, going to find it more difficult to find members of his own party to follow him,
And like Pastor Rich Warren said on Friday, “If you cant find anyone to follow you, your just taking a walk””
Happy Easter Everyone, Keep your Faith Close, and your concerns over on the left.
And one last question for you:  Can you imagine how much better Americans would feel about their country today, if Rick Wagoner had told obama to butt out , that if the Board of GM wants him gone that was their decision not some fella in the White House?
As for the Department of Homeland Security, Get your priorities in order and you will have nothing to fear from Americans. We want a strong, secure, stable, lawful country.  Its that simple. You have time to get it done and done right. The question is are you leaders or some puppet of LaRAZA and others.

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Happy Easter Everyone, Keep your Faith Close, and your concerns over on the left.

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  1. It’s Judas Iscariot, you twit. I’m an atheist and even I know that. And this is not a Christian nation: The Constitution never mentions Jesus, God, or Christianity, and further, Article 6 specifies that there shall never be a religious test for office. QED. Also, according to the recent ARIS study, the fastest growing sector in religious belief in the United States is non-believers.


    Comment by Ken McKnight — April 13, 2009 @ 10:01 pm

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