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April 9, 2009

Rush has Reached Critical Mass

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The Arizona Sentinel
You Rock Rush.  Finally someone with national presence, has reached a critical mass,and stands up and says , “Ive had it and Im not gonna take it anymore” , over tax increases and the rest of their nonsense.  The fact is that for years , people, business’s,retiries,industries,and it makes no difference at what level of income they are , these runaway taxes, property taxes,income taxes, sales taxes, have finally sparked the anger that has been building in Americans for years.
These taxes , reached critical mass with me in the early 90’s . In 1996, I shut down.  Let me give you a great example of the results of government shooting them selves in the foot.
On a recent trip,  I stopped at a convience store to buy fuel. A truck was parked across the road with one of those new wind generator blades.  These blades are 135 feet long, and they are made of fiberglass, with a steel hub molded to the blade,. I went  over to the driver  to ask about the blades.
He told me that the blades were made in India, thats right India. They were shipped from India to Freeport Texas, loaded on a flatbed and this blade was going to Snowflake Arizona.  He also told me that the towers that these generators are attached to are made in China, The housings are also made in India.
Then I asked the stupid question.  Why don’t we build them here?
I no more got the words out, and realized I knew the answer.
Before I go there, I should ask the question. Is this the green energy stimulus that what’s his name in the white house has been talking about? Creating millions of energy sector jobs for America. You’ve been snookered America.  Up until yesterday I owned some stock in some so-called green energy companies. Those stocks were going no where,. Why?? They are here in America. 
Why are they built in India and not America? That is simple.
Unions and Government.  Dues, taxes, and red tape from agencies at the city,state,and federal level.  If I wanted to build generator blades, that last place on this earth, I would do that would be in this country. 
The bottom line is this, until this country and its citizens get their belly full of these levels of government interference, good paying jobs are going to leave this country.
I spend a lot of time badmouthing NAFTA and CAFTA,. But the truth is that Bush SR, Clinton, and even the idiot 43 , knew that if products were going to be sold in America, they would have to be manufactured on foreign shores.
Maybe, just Maybe, these tea parties on the 15th will have some positive results, but I doubt it.  Governments run around blabbering that if they cut their budgets, or don’t raise taxes, that they will have to cut back on services, Give me a break. Ive been getting serviced by governments all my life. And frankly Im sick of it.
The last thing I want from government is serviced.
I have placed the video of Rush with Neil Cavuto on the web site if anyone wants to see it: Look for Must See Video ,,, Rush is leaving N.Y.
The Third Party Movement is Movin ON

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